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Vishnu Pada


Haruki Ikegami


Norio Matsueda


Isamu Nagai


Daisy Nakayama


Owanari Amachree


Sandra Gbemudu


Buso Ilabor


Chuka Ilabor


Nkem Ilabor


Frances Hamann


Antoaneta Stanimirova


Jacques Augustin (China Airlines Flight 676)


Tom Hadel


Huang Mian-mei


Hiroyasu Iimuro


Rachel Liu


Nyoman Sakadarma


Sim Yong Joo


Laurence Smith (China Airlines Flight 676)


Tan Yip Thong


1970 Marshall Thundering Herd football team

The 1970 Marshall Thundering Herd football team represented the Marshall University in the 1970 college football season. November 14, 1970, Southern airlines flight 932, which was chartered by the schools to fly in Thundering herd football team, ...


Andy Bodnar


Terrance Cady


Lee Campbell


Sheila Charisse


Leopold Chouinard


Lisa Church


David Cichan


Michael Cichan


Paula Cichan


Keith Coyner


Mary Ann Estridge


Richard Forstrom


Luz Amanda Gonzalez


Fred R. Gray


Vicki Haider


Caroline Kramer


Kathleen Kramer


Clarabell Lansing


Anita Lucero


Kenneth Fernando Martinez


Hilda Yolanda Mayol


Carley Ann McCord

McCord was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she graduated from Northwestern State University and Louisiana State University and got her first broadcast job in Cleveland working as an in-house reporter for the Cleveland Browns. She compe ...


Takehiko Nakano


Cynthia Oti


Rodney Pearson


Sarah Pearson


Anita S. Saxton


Nolan Saxton

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