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Yujia may refer to: Yujia Township, Hebei 于家乡, in Jingxing County. Yuja Wang 王羽佳, b. 1987, Chinese classical pianist. Tao Yujia b. 1987, Chinese female 100-m sprinter. Yujia Township, Jiangxi 余家乡, in Guixi. Li Yujia 李羽佳, b. 1983, Chin ...



Yuna is a unisex given name in Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Breton and Brazilian Portuguese. In France, the name comes from Breton language in Brittany, and is translated "Yvette" in French. In Brazilian Portuguese, it means "dark river" ...



Yung may refer to: Yung L.A., born Leland Austin, an American rapper. Yung Berg, born Christian Ward in 1985, an American rapper. Yung surname, Chinese surname. Yung, born 1988, band member of Cali Swag District. Yung Wun, born James Carlton Ande ...



One of two Christian saints: Ivo of Kermartin or Ivo of Chartres both also known as St. Ives and St. Yves. Yvo van Engelen, Dutch footballer. Yvo, a Dutch given name meaning Yves or Yvon. Yvo Kortmann, Dutch politician. Yvo de Boer, Former Execut ...



Zahara may refer to: Zahara de la Sierra, a municipality in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain. Zahara band, a jazz ensemble. Zahara de los Atunes, a village on the Costa de la Luz in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain.



Zakir Hasan cricketer, born 1998, a Bangladeshi cricketer. Zakir Hussain actor, Indian film actor. Abdul Qayyum Zakir also known as Abdullah Gulam Rasoul, Afghan Taliban leader. Zakir Sabirov, Tajikistani artist. Zakir Hussain politician, Indian ...



Zama, Kanagawa, Japan. (Дзама, Канагава, Япония) Camp Zama, a United States Army base in Kanagawa, Japan. Zama City, Alberta, Canada. Zama Lake, Alberta, Canada. Zama Turkey. (Зама Турция) Zama Tunisia. (Зама Тунис) Tulum or Zama, Mexico. Zama, M ...



Zana, Florida, a ghost town in Florida, U.S. Zaņa Parish, Latvia. (Zaņa Parish, Латвия) Zana, Uganda, a neighborhood in Ssabagabo Municipality, Wakiso District. Zana Khan District, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. Diana Veteranorum or Zana, an ancie ...



The following places take the name of the Ohio Zane family: Zanesville, Ohio. (Зейнсвилле) Zanesfield, Ohio. (Zanesfield, Огайо) Zanes Trace, frontier road in Ohio. Zane Township, Logan County, Ohio.



Zarah may refer to: Zarah Ghahramani born 1981, Iranian-born author living in Australia. Zarah Leander 1907 – 1981, Swedish actress and singer. Fort Zarah. (Форт Зара) Zarah television personality, a Filipino-American, also a singer. Zarah Garde- ...


Zaria (disambiguation)

Zaria is a city in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Zaria may also refer to: Zaria gastropod, a genus of gastropods in the family Turritellidae. Zaria goddess, or Zoria, the Slavic goddess of beauty.


Zayed (disambiguation)

Not to be confused with Zaid or Ziad The Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan 1918-2004, was the Emir and the founding father of the UAE. Zayed may also refer to:


Zazie (disambiguation)

Zazie is French singer-songwriter and fashion model. Zazie may also refer to: Zazie in the Metro, a 1959 novel by Raymond Queneau. Mademoiselle Zazie a cartoon series. Zazie dans le Metro, a 1960 film adaptation by Louis Malle. Zazie Winters, a c ...


Zebedee (disambiguation)

Zebedee Armstrong October 11, 1911 – 1993, an American outsider artist. Zebedee Jones b. March 12, 1970, an English painter. Zebedee Soanes b. 1976, a continuity announcer on BBC Radio 4. Zebedee Coltrin 7 September 1804 – 21 July 1887, a Mormon ...



Zeca may refer to: Jose Antonio Gonçalves da Silva, Portuguese footballer known mononymously as Zeca. Jose Carlos Gonçalves Rodrigues, Portuguese / Greek footballer known mononymously as Zeca. Jose Carlos Cracco Neto, Brazilian footballer known m ...


Zen (disambiguation)

Zen Kajihara born 1966, a Japanese theatre actor. Joseph Zen, SDB born 1932, a Chinese Cardinal of the Catholic Church, the sixth Bishop of Hong Kong. Zen Gesner born 1970, an American television and movie actor. Zen Luzniak, a U.S. soccer defend ...



Zenas H. Gurley, Sr. 1801–1871, leader in the Latter Day Saint movement. Rufus Zenas Johnston 1874–1959, awarded the Medal of Honor for actions at the U.S. occupation of Veracruz, 1914. Zenas King born 1818, bridge-builder, founder of the King Ir ...



Zeni may refer to: The fictional policeman Zenigata Heiji. Zeni, Iran, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran. Zeni letter, a letter of the Georgian alphabet. A Japanese non-precious coin 銭.



Zenit sounding rocket, a Swiss rocket. Zenit rocket family, a Soviet-Ukrainian family of space launch vehicles. Zenit satellite, a type of Soviet spy satellite.


Zenobia (disambiguation)

Zenobia, a character in Ethan Frome. Zenobia, a villain in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. Zenobia Conan, in the Conan the Barbarian mythos. Zenobia, a character in Blithedale Romance. Zenobia, a character in Blood and Gold.



Zephyr sculpture, a 1998 stainless steel sculpture by Steve Wooldridge. Zephyr video game, a 1994 PC game. Zephyr Books, a publishing imprint of the Continental Book Company in the 1940s.



Zerrin may refer to: Zerrin Ozer, Turkish pop singer. Zerrin Bolukbası, Turkish sculptor. Prizren, a City in Kosovo sometimes referred to by this name. Zerrin Tekindor, Turkish actress. Sierzno, Polish village. (Sierzno, польское село)



Zev, variant of the name of Jebe, a general of Genghis Khan. ZEV 1951–2017, American musician. Zev Bellringer, fictional character in the television series Lexx. Zev Senesca, fictional character in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back. Zeev, als ...



Zhaoxian or Zhao Xian may refer to: Zhaoxian Taoism 照仙, "illuminated immortals", who achieve transcendence through constant periods of thought and recollection. Zhao County 赵县, Zhào Xiàn, Hebei, China. People with a name or Zhao Zhaoxian to X ...


Zika (disambiguation)

Zika, or Zika fever, is an illness caused by the Zika virus. Or Zeke may also refer to: Zika Forest, a forest in Uganda. Zika virus, a member of the Flaviviridae virus family. Zika rabbit, a breed of rabbit.


Zile (disambiguation)

Zile is a city and a district of Tokat Province. Zile may also refer to: Zile Ram Chochra, Indian politician. GNU Zile, a computer text editor. Zile Huma 1945–2014, Pakistani pop singer.


Zion (disambiguation)

Christian Zionism, belief among some Christians that the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 was a significant fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. Zionism, various ideologies supporting a Jewish home in Biblical Israel, and now, the State o ...



Yoav Ziv born 1981, Israeli football player. Amitai Ziv, born 1958, Israeli physician. Ziv Bar-Joseph born 1971, Israeli computational biologist. Asaiah Ziv born 1996, American hip hop musician. Yitzhak Ziv born 1937, Israeli politician. Jacob Zi ...



Guo Ziyi 697–781, Chinese general during the Tang Dynasty. Yuan Ziyi, a character in Other Tales of the Flying Fox. Zhang Ziyi born 1979, Chinese actress.


Zona (disambiguation)

Zona is a species of fish. The area may also refer to: Arizona Wildcats, sports teams of the University of Arizona. Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room, a 2012 book by Geoff Dyer. Zona, West Virginia. (Зона, Западная Вирджиния) Zo ...



Zuki may refer to the following places in Poland: Zuki, Gmina Terespol in Biala Podlaska County, Lublin Voivodeship east Poland. Zuki, Gmina Sokolka in Sokolka County, Podlaskie Voivodeship north-east Poland. Zuki, Gmina Zabludow in Bialystok Cou ...


Zura (disambiguation)

Zura is a village in Afghanistan. Zura may also refer to: People Zura Bitiyeva, Chechen human rights activist, assassinated in 2003. Zura Barayeva died 2002, Chechen participant in the Moscow theater hostage crisis. Edmundo Zura born 1983, Ecuado ...



Zuri may refer to: Zuri comics, a Marvel Comics character associated with Black Panther. Zuri Tibby born 1995, American fashion model. Zuri Lawrence born 1970, American boxer. Zuri, a name of Zurich city, Switzerland. Zuri, Africa, a former Roman ...



Þorir is an Icelandic given name. It may refer to: Thorir Hergeirsson born 1964, Icelandic handball coach. Tomrair died 848, Viking jarl, also known as Þorir, Thorir, and Thorir. Þorir Jonsson born 1952, Icelandic former footballer. Thorir Hund A ...



中山 is an East Asian name composed of two characters which individually mean "middle" or "centre" and "mountain" or "hill". 中山 may refer to: Chūzan 中山王国, one of the three kingdoms that controlled Okinawa in the 14th century.



Andonova is a Slavic surname according to Slavic naming conventions. Notable people with this name include the following: Malena Andonova born 1957, Bulgarian sprint athlete. Natasa Andonova born 1993, Macedonian footballer. Milena Andonova born ...





Antoniani is a surname. Notable people with this name include the following: Silvio Antoniani, also referred to as Silvio Antoniano, 1540 - 1603, Italian Roman Catholic cardinal. Pietro Antoniani c. 1740 - 1805, Italian painter.



Antonic or Antonic is a Slavic surname according to Slavic naming customs. Notable people with this name include the following: Voja Antonic born 1952 Serbian inventor, journalist and writer. Goran Antonic born 1990, Serbian footballer. Dejan Ant ...



Antonik Slavic surname according to Slavic naming customs. The name is derived from the root name Antonius. Notable people with this name include the following: Anna Antonik, X Factor finalists Poland series 2, 2012. Arkadius Antonik, of German b ...


Antoniuk (name)

Antoniuk is a surname. Notable people with the name include the following: Dan Antoniuk born 1981, American footballer. Jeff Antoniuk born 1965, Canadian saxophonist. Nina Antoniuk, the maiden name of Nina Preobrazhenskaya. Maksim Antoniuk 1895 – ...



Antonova is a feminine Russian surname that as the female version of Antonov is derived from the male given name Anton and literally means Antons. I.e., it is a patronymic surname derived from the Antonius root name. It may refer to: Olena Antono ...



Antonovna is a Russian name. Elizabeth Antonovna of Brunswick 1743–1782, Russian nobility. Catherine Antonovna of Brunswick 1741–1807, Russian nobility.



Antonovsky is a Slavic surname according to Slavic naming conventions. Notable people with this name include the following: Aaron Antonovsky 1923 – 1994, American sociologist. Ilya Antonovsky born 1989, Russian ice hockey player.


Antonovych (name)

Antonovych is a Slavic surname according to Slavic naming customs. Notable people with this name include the following Dmytro Antonovych 1877 – 1945, Ukrainian politician. Volodymyr Antonovych 1834 – 1908, Ukrainian historian, archivist and arche ...



Antonyuk is a surname. Notable people with this name include the following: Volodymyr Antonyuk fl.2004 – 2012, Ukrainian Paralympic footballer. Michael Antonyuk 1935 – 1993, Kazakhstani artist. Yekaterina Antonyuk born 1974, Belarusian cross-coun ...


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