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Miran fort. (Миран Форт) Miran Xinjiang, China. (Миран Синьцзян, Китай) Miran, Afghanistan, a town in Maidan Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Miran, Markazi, Iran. (Миран, Зенджан, Иран) Miran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Miran, Sistan and Baluche ...


Mire (disambiguation)

Mire Chatman born 1978, American former professional basketball player. Mire Hagi Farah Mohamed 1962-2006, Somali politician and government minister. Sada Mire born 1977, Swedish-Somali archaeologist. Merxat or Mire, Chinese actor. Hassan Ali Mir ...


Miri (disambiguation)

Miray, also spelled Miri, Afghanistan. Miri-ye Khani-ye Do, a village in Kerman Province, Iran. Miri state constituency, defunct constituency formerly represented in the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly 1969–91. Miri, Indonesia, a subdistrict i ...



Miroslava may refer to: Miroslava actress, Mexican actress in the 1950s. Miroslava film, a 1993 film about the actress. Miroslava fly, a genus in family Scathophagidae. Miroslava of Bulgaria, a daughter of tsar Samuil of Bulgaria. Miroslava, Iași ...



Miru may refer to: Miru goddess, a death goddess in Polynesian mythology. Miru River, a river of Romania. Miru, Iran, a village in Bandar Abbas County, Hormozgan Province, Iran.



Misa Amane 弥 海砂, a character in the manga, anime and film Death Note. Misa Kakizaki 柿崎 美砂, a character in the Negima! anime and manga series. Pixy Misa ピクシィミサ, a character in the anime Magical Girl Pretty Sammy. Misa Kurobane くろば ...



Microplas Mistral, a kit car from the 1950s produced in England, United States, and New Zealand. Nissan Mistral, or Terrano II, a Nissan 4×4 produced from 1993 until 2006. Maserati Mistral, a Maserati grand tourer produced from 1963 until 1970.


Mite (disambiguation)

Mites are small arachnids in the subclass Acari. Tick may also refer to: The lepton, a small coin translated as "mite" in various passages of the Bible. Mite Dungeons & Dragons, a character in the role-playing games. Mooney M-18 Mite, an aircraft ...



Mithu may refer to: Mithu Mukherjee, former Indian cricketer. Mithu Alur, Indian social worker. Mithu Mukherjee, former actress acting in Bengali and Hindi films. Mithu Sen, Indian conceptual artist. Mithu Chakrabarty, Indian Bengali film and tel ...



Miyoshi, Hiroshima, a city in Hiroshima Prefecture. Miyoshi District, Tokushima, a district in Tokushima Prefecture. Miyoshi, Aichi, a city in Aichi Prefecture. Miyoshi, Tokushima Town, a former town in Tokushima Prefecture. Miyoshi, Saitama, a t ...



Mizuho literally means "abundant rice" in Japanese and "harvest" in the figurative sense. It was also an ancient name of Japan. It might refer to: Places Mizuho Station Antarctica. (Мидзухо Станции Антарктиды) Mizuho Plateau in Antarctica. Mizuho ...



Mizzy may refer to: Mizzy Kusuda, a character from the Japanese Manga series Harlem Beat. "Mizzy" Pacheco, former lead singer for American alternative rock band Against All Will. Mizzy, artistic name of Maltese-British model, interior designer an ...



Moana 2016 film, a Disney animated film about a Polynesian girl. Moana 1926 film, a documentary. Moana soundtrack, the soundtrack to the 2016 Disney film. Moana miniseries, a 2009 miniseries based on the life of adult film actress Moana Pozzi.



Moises or Moises is a male name common among people of Iberian origin. It is the Spanish, Portuguese and Tagalog equivalent of the name Moses. Places Moises Ville, a township in the Santa Fe province of Argentina. Doctor Moises Bertoni, a village ...



"Mojo", a 2006 song by Peeping Tom from Peeping Tom. "Mojo", a 2012 song by -M- from Il. Mojo Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album, 2010. Mojo Ash Grunwald album, 2019. "Mojo", a 1995 song by Night Ranger from Feeding off the Mojo.



Moll, a character in the 1937 musical The Cradle Will Rock by Marc Blitzstein. Moll Flanders, the title character in the novel by Daniel Defoe. Moll Hackabout, the unfortunate prostitute portrayed in William Hogarths A Harlots Progress.


Mom (disambiguation)

Mom, a fictional character in the film Holes. Mom TV series, an American situation comedy. Moms TV series, a Philippine television talk show. "Mom" short story, a Thai short story by Kukrit Pramoj. "Mom" Bonnie Tyler song, covered by Garth Brooks ...



Momme may refer to: A proposed denomination of Japanese coinage from the Meiji period. Unit of several Japanese historic currencies originating from the value of silver weighed in momme. A Japanese historic unit of weight: Japanese units of measu ...



Momo 2001 film Momo alla conquista del tempo, an animated Italian film by Enzo DAlo based on Endes novel. Momo novel alternatively The Grey Gentlemen, a 1973 novel by Michael Ende. Momo and the Time Thieves, a 2017 opera in two acts by Svitlana A ...


Mona Lisa (disambiguation)

Mona Lisa singer born 1979, American R&amp,B singer. Antara Biswas or Mona Lisa born 1982, Indian film actress. Monalisa Perrone born 1969, Brazilian journalist. Deeba born 1947, Pakistani film actress known by the nickname "Pakistani Mona Lisa". ...


Mongke (disambiguation)

Uranchimegiin Monkh-Erdene, amateur boxer from Mongolia. Mengke Bateer, Chinese professional basketball player, formerly in the NBA. Monkhbaataryn Bundmaa, judoka for Mongolia.



Monroe fictional character, the name of several fictional characters.



Pedro Moctezuma, son of Montezuma II. Moctezuma II c. 1460–1520, ninth Aztec emperor, killed during the Spanish conquest of Mexico, after he was captured by Conquistador Hernan Cortes. Moctezuma I 1398–1469, fifth Aztec emperor. Leonor Cortes Moc ...



Morgane Dubled born 1984, French supermodel. Morgane Tschiember born 1976, French artist. Clara Morgane born 1981, French singer, media personality, and TV host. Morgane singer born 1975, Belgian singer, 1992 Eurovision Song Contest participant.



Morissette may refer to: Morissette Amon, a Filipina actress and singer. Morissette album, the debut album by Morissette Amon. Alanis Morissette born 1974, a Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and actress. Morissette surname, people with the na ...



Moriya may refer to: Mount Moriya, a mountain of Graham Land, Antarctica. Moriya surname, a Japanese surname. House of Moriya 463-691, a royal dynasty that ruled over the Anuradhapura Kingdom in what is now Sri Lanka from 463 to 691 CE. Moriya, I ...


Morphia (disambiguation)

Morphia, also called morphine, is a highly potent opiate analgesic drug. Morphine may also refer to: Morphine film or Morfiy, a 2008 Russian film by Aleksei Balabanov, based on a 1926 short story by Mikhail Bulgakov. Morphia of Melitene died c. 1 ...


Morwen (disambiguation)

Morwen is a character from J. R. R. Tolkiens Middle-earth, and the wife of Hurin, Lord of Dor-lomin. Morven may also refer to: Morwen, a character in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede. Morwen, an original character in The Lord ...



Moshi Urban, a district. Moshi, Maharashtra, India. (Моши, Махараштра, Индия) Moshi, Shimen 磨市镇, a town in Shimen County, Hunan Province, China. Moshi Rural, a district. Roman Catholic Diocese of Moshi, a diocese located in the city of Moshi. ...



Mossie may refer to: Maurice Mossie Finn 1931-2009, Irish hurler. Maurice Enright died 1920, Irish-American gangster. Cape sparrow, a bird. Mossie Walsh fl. 1980, Irish former hurler. The Mossie, a rap group. Mossie Lyons, Irish Gaelic football h ...



Taylor Moton born 1994, American football player. Robert Russa Moton 1867–1940, African American educator and author. LeVelle Moton born 1974, American college basketball coach.



Motu Nui, near Easter Island. Motu Oa, Marquesas Islands. Motu geography, a reef islet formed by broken coral sand surrounding an atoll. Motu Nao, Marquesas Islands. Motu Paahi, French Polynesia. Motu tribal area, Niue. Motu, New Zealand, a settl ...


Moushumi (disambiguation)

Moushumi is a Bangladeshi film actress: Moushumi is a Bengali name for women. It may also refer to: Moushumi Bhowmik, Indian Bengali singer. Moushumi Nag, Bangladeshi TV actress. Moushumi Saha, Bengali television actress. Moushumi Hamid, Banglade ...



Andrea dei Mozzi died 1296, Italian bishop. Luigi Mozzi 1746–1813, Italian Jesuit controversialist. Mozzi Gyorio born 1989, Canadian soccer player.



Muad Mohamed Zaki born 1982, politician and businessman. Muath Mahmoud born 1993, Jordanian footballer. Muadh ibn Jabal died 639, Islamic scholar. Muath Al-Kasasbeh 1988–2015, Jordanian military pilot captured and burned alive by the Islamic Stat ...


Mugabe (disambiguation)

Robert Mugabe was the second president of Zimbabwe. Mugabe may also refer to: Omugabe or the Mugabe, a title given to kings of Ankole of Uganda.


Mujahid (disambiguation)

Mujahid Colony, a neighborhood of Liaquatabad Town, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Muslim Mujahid Colony, a neighborhood of Baldia Town, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.



Mukul Soni, Youngest Lyricist. Mukul Dey, Bengali-Indian artist and pioneer of drypoint-etching in India. Mukul Roy, Bengali-Indian politician and member of Parliament. Mukul Wasnik, Indian politician and minister. Mukul Shivputra, Indian classic ...



Samantha Mumba born 1983, Irish singer and actress. Antoine Agbepa Mumba born 1956, a DR Congolese soukous singer, dancer, producer, and composer. Winter Mumba died 1993, Zambian footballer and member of the national team. Wisdom Mumba Chansa 196 ...



Miguel Pedro Mundo 1937–1999, American Catholic bishop in Brazil. Edmundo Suarez 1916-1978, Spanish footballer. Liza del Mundo born 1975, Filipino-American voice actress. Mundo general died 536, East Roman general. Johnny Mundo, ring name of Amer ...



Van Lingle Mungo 1911–1985, American baseball player. Ray Mungo born 1946, American writer.



Munin may refer to: Muninn, one of the ravens "Huginn and Muninn" in Norse mythology. Hugin and Munin Marvel Comics, fictional characters based on the above. Munin software. (Программное обеспечение Мунин) Munin satellite. (Спутниковое Мунин) Mun ...







Sandy and Dennys Murry, Madeleine LEngle fictional characters. John Middleton Murry, Jr. also known as Colin Murry, English writer. Charles Wallace Murry Madeleine LEngle fictional character. Paul Murry, artist who worked for Walt Disneys Comics ...



Mursi may refer to: Mursi language. (Язык Мурси) Mursi people, a Nilotic pastoralist ethnic group in Ethiopia. Mursi, Iran, a village. Mursi, a village in Xarre municipality, Albania.


Muse (disambiguation)

"Muse" Star Trek: Voyager, a 2000 episode of Star Trek: Voyager. Muse Entertainment, Canadian independent film and television producer and a service provider for international studios and networks. Muse novel, by Mary Novik, 2013.


Mutya (disambiguation)

Mutya is a Philippine TV series. Mutya may also refer to: Mutya Buena, an English singer. Mutya Johanna Datul, a Filipina beauty queen. Mutya Orquia, a Filipina child actresses.



Mwele may refer to Mwele language, a minor Bantu language of Gabon. Mwele River, a tributary of Mwenezi River. Mwele Ntuli Malecela born 1963, Director General of the Tanzanian National Institute for Medical Research.



Mycroft Holmes, a computer in Robert A. Heinleins 1966 novel The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. Mycroft Holmes novel, a 2015 novel by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse. Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes brother in Arthur Conan Doyles detective novels.

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