ⓘ Antelope (disambiguation)


ⓘ Antelope (disambiguation)

  • Antelope, Newfoundland and Labrador
United States
  • Antelope, Oregon
  • Antelope Canyon, canyon in Arizona
  • Antelope, California, in Sacramento County
  • Antelope, South Dakota
  • Dunnigan, California, formerly named Antelope
  • Antelope, Montana
  • Antelope, Texas
  • Antelope, Lassen County, California
  • Antelope, Kansas
  • Antelope Mine

1. Ships

  • USS Antelope, three ships of the United States Navy
  • Antelope ship, one of numerous non-military vessels named Antelope
  • HMS Antelope, twelve ships of the Royal Navy

2. Rail transportation

  • Antelope passenger train, a regular revenue train of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
  • LNER Thompson Class B1 locomotives, known as Bongos or Antelopes
  • Antelope Eagle class, a 4-4-0 saddle tank broad gauge locomotive

3. Other

  •, a graphical user interface for running Apache Ant
  • Grand Canyon Antelopes, athletic teams of Grand Canyon University
  • Antelope Powder, a brand name for the food additive Disodium pyrophosphate
  • The Antelope Ground, a former cricket and football stadium in Southampton, England.
  • The Antelope, a case before the United States Supreme Court, arising from the capture of the slave ship Antelope

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