ⓘ Adcox Student Prince

Adcox Student Prince

ⓘ Adcox Student Prince

The Adcox Student Prince was a two-seat open-cockpit biplane designed by Basil Smith and built by the students of the US Adcox Aviation Trade School in 1929. It was based on the one-off Adcox Special, and the first example flew on 17 September.

One example of a student Prince X was produced in 1931 powered by a 90hp ACE Engine.

Since 2004, a single example remains registered in the United States, which consistently re-engine with 100 HP Kinnear K-5, 110 HP Warner scarab Junior, comets, 150 HP, 150 HP Wright-Hisso and 220 HP Continental e-225 in 1963.