ⓘ 3Xtrim 3X55 Trener

3Xtrim 3X55 Trener

ⓘ 3Xtrim 3X55 Trener

The 3X55 Trener and 3X47 Ultra are a family of ultralight aircraft produced in Poland by the 3Xtrim Aircraft Factory. Both are two-seat, high-wing, strut-braced monoplanes with fixed tricycle undercarriage and available only as completed aircraft. There are also 450 Ultra and 495 Ultra Plus sub-variants of the 3X47 Ultra, with gross weights adjusted for national ultralight regulations.

Light sport aircraft American version of the 3X55 is known as the Navigator 600 and 1320 pounds maximum takeoff gross weight

3Xtrim take their company name from a double entendre, as they refer to their designs being "triple trimmed" or more exactly "triple-tested" during development, prototypes and production stages and also that the aircraft is designed for "extreme conditions". In English, the company name is pronounced as "three extreme".