ⓘ Aero Commander 100

Aero Commander 100

ⓘ Aero Commander 100

The Aero Commander 100, various models of which were known as the Darter Commander and Lark Commander was a US light aircraft produced in the 1960s. It was a high-wing monoplane of conventional design, equipped with fixed tricycle undercarriage.

The aircraft was originally developed by Volaircraft, the first flight in 1960. Firm manufacturer of the original three-seat version as the Volaire 1035, and quadruple version with a more powerful engine, as Volaire 1050 to North American Rockwell acquired all rights to the design on July 12, 1965, for the manufacture of its Aero commander division. Production commander Darter version lasted until 1969 and revised commander Lark until 1971, at which time, Rockwell was a commander of the name of the Aero brand.

In Volaire 1050 was exhibited at the 1966 Hannover air and later sold to Finland. Other examples of this type were exported to Australia and Canada.

The presence on the market of light aircraft too low in its sole discretion, Rockwell has discontinued the production of the commander of the Lark in 1971 and sold the rights to all versions of the aircraft for airplanes Phoenix Euclid, Ohio, but the company never put it into production.