ⓘ Honest John

Honest John

ⓘ Honest John

  • John Tonkin, Australian politician
  • John White New Zealand politician
  • John Martin Young Irelander, Irish politician

1. Athletes

  • John Anderson outfielder, baseball player
  • John Katan, wrestler
  • John McCloskey baseball manager
  • John Clapp baseball, baseball player
  • John Eubank, baseball player
  • John Barham Day, jockey
  • John Kelly, baseball player nicknamed "Kick Kelly" and "Honest John"
  • John McKenna, rugby player
  • John Morrill, baseball player
  • John Gaffney, baseball umpire
  • John A. Warren, football player

2. Fictional characters

  • a character in Belle of the Yukon
  • "Honest John" Worthington Foulfellow, a character in Disneys 1940 film Pinocchio
  • the protagonist of an 1875 novel by John William De Forest
  • a character in the 1986 An American Tail
  • a character in Marvel Comics S-Men

3. Other uses

  • Honest John Plain, guitarist with The Boys
  • "Honest John", a type of open bar where patrons serve themselves and leave payment in a jar or drawer, on the honor system.
  • John Crocker, officer in the British Army
  • the MGR-1 Honest John, a nuclear-capable missile
  • Honest Jons, a record store
  • John Philip Wood, Scots historian
  • John Stephenson coachbuilder
  • John Brown Russwurm, abolitionist
  • a 1959 single produced by Felton Jarvis

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