ⓘ Caproni Ca.1 (1910)

Caproni Ca.1 (1910)

ⓘ Caproni Ca.1 (1910)

The Caproni Ca.1 was an experimental biplane built in Italy in 1910. It was the first aircraft to be designed and built by aviation pioneer Gianni Caproni, although he had previously collaborated with Henri Coanda on sailplane designs.

CA.1 have found the rectangular truss in the fuselage, the two wings of the Gulf of the work described unstaggered mainplanes of equal span. Although the engine was installed in the nose, it drove propellers mounted at the front of the wings on long struts. The chassis consisted of a dual mainwheel and skid arrangement, with outrigger wheels on each wingtip and tail wheel.

CA.1 flew for the first time on 27 may 1910, although the flight was quite successful, the aircraft crashed while landing and was seriously damaged, have it repaired, but never flew. CA.1 currently on display in Volandia Museum of flight in Italy.