WLF is an abbreviation that may stand for:

  • World Leagues Forum
  • Swap loader vehicle "Wechselladerfahrzeug" in German containerized firefighting equipment
  • Waist-level finder, a kind of viewfinder used in some cameras
  • Filename extension for a WinBackup File Extension Library file, for example "example.wlf"
  • World Literacy Foundation
  • Filename extension for a Mentor Graphics ModelSim digital logic simulation application file. In this context, wlf is short for wave log format
  • Wu Lin Feng, a Chinese Mixed martial arts show
  • West Liberty Foods, a meat processing company in Iowa
  • Washington Legal Foundation
  • World Lung Foundation
  • Whittlesford Parkway railway station code
  • The Williams-Landel-Ferry model for expressing the temperature dependence of liquid viscosity

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