ⓘ Thrust (disambiguation)


ⓘ Thrust (disambiguation)

Thrust is a reaction force described by Newtons Second and Third Laws.

Thrust may also refer to:

  • Thrust science fiction magazine, a 1973–1991 American fanzine
  • Kamen Rider Thrust, a character from the TV series, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
  • Thrust Transformers, several fictional characters in the various Transformers universes
  • Thrust fault, in geology
  • Thrust stage, in a theatre, a portion of the stage that extends out from the proscenium into the audience.
  • Thrust programming, a C++ template library of parallel algorithms similar to the Standard Template Library
  • Thrust block, a specialised form of thrust bearing used in ships
  • Thrust bearing, particular type of rotary bearing
  • Thrust video game, a computer game
  • Thrust rapper, a Canadian hip hop artist
  • ThrustSSC, and Thrust2, the land-speed record breaking cars
  • Tongue thrust
  • Thrust album, a Herbie Hancock fusion album
  • Pelvic thrust

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