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  • Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Lepidoptera Family: Geometridae Subfamily: Oenochrominae Genus: Dichromodes Guenee, 1857 Synonyms Cacopsodos Butler, 1877
  • V, W, X, Y and Z. Those beginning with C include: Cabera Cacochloris Cacopsodos Cacorista Cacostegania Cadyanda Caenosynteles Calamodes Calcaritis Caledasthena

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Cacopsodos niger, Butl., Proc. Zool. Soc., Lond. 1877, 395, pl. xliii. 4. Dichromodes nigra, Meyr., Trans. N. Z. Inst. xx. 60. Plate VIII., fig. 40. New Zealand Moths and Butterflies Notodontina source, the. Dr. Hector. CACOPSODOS, n. gen. Agreeing in general appearance and in its hairy palpi with. Psodos, but differing entirely in the structure of the antennae, the​.

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Pseudeusemia nieuwenhuisi Roepke, Notodontella niger Butler, Cacopsodos nigralbata Warren, Pogonopygia. Full article: The insect fauna of granite sand plains: a naturally rare. Cacophis Cacophonia Gistl, 1847 Cacoplistes Cacopsodos Cacosceles Cacoscelis Chevrolat, 1837 Cacosoma Cacostola Cacotropia Motschoulsky,. How To Pronounce cacophonous: cacophonous pronunciation. Alomogordo Anscocolor Ansco Color Arnold Moss Arnold Ross Asmorodono Cacopsodos Camp Condor Camp Gordon Campolongo Camporondo.

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Order: Lepidoptera. Family: Geometridae. Subfamily: Oenochrominae. Genus: Dichromodes Guenee, 1857. Synonyms. Cacopsodos Butler, 1877. Genericnames ofmo3197nyei 123doc. DICHROMODES NIGRA, Butl. Cacopsodos niger, Butl., Proc. Zool. Soc., Lond​. 1877, 395, pl. xliii. 4. Dichromodes nigra, Meyr., Trans. N. Z. Inst. xx. 60. Read the eBook New Zealand moths and butterflies Macro. Cacopsodos niger, Butl., Proc. Zool. Soc, Loud. 1877, 395, pi. xliii. 4. Dichromodes nigra, Meyr., Trans. N. Z. Inst. xx. GO. Plate VIII., fig. 40. This little insect has.

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Cacopsodos Butler, 1877. Dichromodes is a genus of moths in the family Geometridae first described by Achille Guenee. New Zealand Moths and Butterflies Macro Lepidoptera by G. V. Cacopsodos niger, Meyr., Trans. N. Z. Inst. xvi. 94 nec Butl. Dichromodes gypsotis, Meyr., Trans. N. Z. Inst. xx. 60. This insect was discovered by Mr. Meyrick. How To Pronounce cacophonisiez: cacophonisiez pronunciation. List of geometrid genera: C pedia. 1886 Cacopsodos Butler, 1877 Cacopsodos niger Butler, 1877 Cacorista Warren, 1899 Cacorista amputata Warren, 1899 Cacorista rufimixta Warren, 1901.

Dichromodes pedia.

, so our species may be misplaced the name Cacopsodos Butler with niger as type species is available should this prove to. Nomenclator zoologicus. Biodiversity Heritage Library. Cacopsodos niger, Meyr., Trans. N. Z. Inst. N. Z. Inst. xx. 60. ½ inch. DICHROMODES PETRINA, Meyr. N. Z. Inst. THEOXENA SCISSARIA, Gn. N. Z. Inst. 56. Apr. 17, Hab. Costa Rica H. Rogers. Mr. H. Rogers, who is now in. Cacopsodos niger text Dichromodes niger current Fig 5. Declana feredayi ​text & current Fig 6. Cidaria beata text Asaphodes beata. Wand Oenochrominae wand Oenochrominae Today.

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