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Assembly of French Citizens Abroad

The Assembly of French Citizens Abroad is the political body that represents French citizens living outside France. The assembly advises the government on issues involving French nationals living outside France, as well as the role of France in overseas developments. Membership consists of directly elected representatives, senators representing French citizens abroad and officials appointed by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.


Bank of France

The Bank of France, headquartered in Paris, is the central bank of France. It is an independent institution, member of the Eurosystem since 1999. Its three main missions, as defined by its statuses, are to drive the French monetary strategy, ensure financial stability and provide services to households, small and medium businesses and the French state. It is a member of the European System of Central Banks, which consists of the European Central Bank ECB, and the national central banks NCBs of all European Union EU members.


The Bayeux speeches

The Bayeux speeches are two speeches delivered by General Charles de Gaulle of France in the context of liberation after the Normandy landings in June 1944 and in the immediate postwar period in June 1946. They were spoken in a public square in Bayeux formerly Place du Chateau, since 1946 Place de Gaulle.


Budget of France

The budget of France, setting revenues and spending levels is set after approval of the national assembly and the senate. The French Constitution provides for a maximum of 70 days between the budget being proposed to parliament and it being approved. Article 40 of the Constitution stops the National Assembly and Senate from making any amendments to the total spending and revenue amounts proposed by the government. Once approved by parliament, the government may make adjustments of up to 2% to the budget without having to seek further parliamentary approval. In 2011, the government introduc ...


Cabinet of the French Consulate

The Cabinet of the French Consulate was formed following the Coup of 18 Brumaire which replaced the Directory with the Consulate. The new regime was ratified by the adoption of the Constitution of the Year VIII on 24 December 1799 and headed by Napoleon Bonaparte as First Consul, with Jean Jacques Regis de Cambaceres and Charles-François Lebrun serving as Second and Third Consuls respectively.


Caisse d'allocations familiales

Family allocations make up the family-oriented sector of the French social security system, through a network known as the Caisse nationale des allocations familiales National Office for Family Allocations or CNAF and the 123 Caisse dallocations familiales. The institution serves more than 10 million beneficiaries.


ⓘ Government of France

  • The Government of the French Republic French Gouvernement de la Republique française exercises executive power in France It is composed of the Prime
  • Government of the French Republic PGFR French Gouvernement provisoire de la Republique française GPRF was an interim government of Free France between
  • head of the Government of France has, since 1958, been called the Prime Minister of France During earlier periods of French history the French head of government
  • A list of Government spokespeople of France 20 June 1969 15 May 1972: Leo Hamon 15 May 1972 5 April 1973: Jean - Philippe Lecat 28 May 1974 25 August
  • nominal government of all of France except for Alsace - Lorraine, the Germans and Italians militarily occupied northern and south - eastern France While Paris
  • The politics of France take place with the framework of a semi - presidential system determined by the French Constitution of the French Fifth Republic
  • The French Provisional Government or French Executive Commission of 1815 replaced the French government of the Hundred Days that had been formed by Napoleon
  • The Government of National Defense French Gouvernement de la Defense nationale was the first government of the Third Republic of France from 4 September
  • Saint - Martin Form of government unitary semi - presidential republic Capital of France Paris Constitutional Council of France Elections in France French presidential

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