ⓘ Tyrant (disambiguation)


ⓘ Tyrant (disambiguation)

A tyrant is a despotic ruler or person.

Tyrant may also refer to:

  • Tyrant TV series, a 2014 American television series
  • Tyrant Ultra monster, a Kaiju fictional monster
  • Tyrant Resident Evil, a monster from Resident Evil series
  • Tyrant Spiderbaby Grafix, a comic book series by Steve Bissette
  • Tyrants, a partial title to the Mega Lo Mania video game as it was titled in the U.S.
  • Tyrant flycatchers, a family of birds
  • Tyrant Marvel Comics, a comic book character for Marvel Comics

1. Music

  • "Tyrant" song on the album Sad Wings of Destiny by heavy metal band Judas Priest
  • Tyrant, an album by American band Thou
  • Tyrant Backyard Babies album, an album by Swedish rock band Backyard Babies
  • Tyrant Japanese band, a black metal band in Japan
  • Tyrant Circle album, an album by Finnish rock band Circle
  • Tyrant, an American doom metal band later known as Saint Vitus
  • Tyrant Australian band, a hard rock/heavy metal band from Tasmania, Australia
  • Tyrant Records, a Canadian record label which merged into Union Label Group
  • "Tyrants", a song on the album Sons of Northern Darkness by black metal band Immortal
  • Tyrant, a German thrash metal band later known as Tormentor and finally as Kreator

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