ⓘ Choerocampa humilis


ⓘ Choerocampa humilis

  • Species: H. batschii Binomial name Hippotion batschii Keferstein, 1870 Synonyms Chaerocampa batschii Keferstein, 1870 Choerocampa humilis Butler, 1879

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Chaerocampa batschii Keferstein, 1870 Choerocampa humilis Butler, 1879. Hippotion batschii is a moth of the family Sphingidae. It is known from Madagascar. It is very. TB Ediciones Digitales. Ruellia humilis. Document Ruellia humilis Specimen 418. Choerocampa elpenor. Denton, Sherman F. Sherman Foote, 1856 1937. User:Ganeshbot Animalia Macrolepidoptera Page10 Visually. Cramer p. 151 Choerocampa ce ratomoides, G. & R. Deilephila galii, J Walk., p. Edema humilis, Walk., p. 425 Coelodasys unicornis Smith Pack. Edema?.

A revision of the Lepidopterous family Sphingidae: A catalogue of.

Elachista herrichii Frey, 1859 Elachista humilis Zeller, 1850 Elachista jaskai Choerocampa porcellus Linnaeus, 1758 Choerocampa suellus Staudinger,. Hippotion batschii pedia. Sphinx like attitude often assumed by their larvae Choerocampa is derived one of which is peculiar to the Humble Willow S. humilis and the other to the. Notes on the North American Lepidoptera in the British jstor. Libya Druce Choerocampa Sphingidae Xylophanes humilis nubes Scudder Brenthis Nymphalidae Boloria selene nubicola Behr Syneda Noctuidae. THE AMERICAN ENTOMOLOGIST AND BOTANIST: AN. Choerocampa elpenor. Denton Document Salix humilis?. 1962. Document Arboretum Getting $750.000. 1988. Ruellia humilis. Document Ruellia humilis. Browsing by collection: Alfred Rehder and Morton Arboretum. Risorius, Linn. Suratensis, Lath. humilis, Temm. orientalis, Lath. Chalcophaps. Indicus, Linn. Choerocampa, Dup. Thyslia, Linn. Nyssus, Drury. Clotho, Drury.

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Sphinx erotus Cramer, I.e. Choerocampa erotus, Cram., var. andamianensis Kirby, Trans. Ent. Soc. Choerocampa humilis Butler, Ann. Mag. X. II. 5. iv. p, 234. British moths and their transformations University Library. Chloroclystis humilis Philpott, 1917 Chloroclystis hydrographica Prout, 1958 Choerocampa amara Swinhoe, 1892 Choerocampa andamanensis Kirby,. How To Pronounce Choerocampa epaphus pronouncekiwi. How do you say Choerocampa askoldensis? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Choerocampa askoldensis on pronouncekiwi. Choerocampa hesperus How To Pronounce Choerocampa humilis How To Pronounce Choerocampa isaon. Discover Life mobile. Category:Pudu puda humilis Category:Puffinus assimilis Category:Puffinus Category:Choeridium Category:Choerocampa Category:Choerocephalus.


Choeridium, 246. Choerocampa, 635. Choerophora, 437. Gholeva, 235. humilis, 170, 190, 332, 351, 366, 551. crow, 030. crude carbolic acid, 162.534, 819. SKETCHES OF THE NATURAL HISTORY OF CEYLON. How do you say Choerocampa epaphus? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Choerocampa epaphus on pronouncekiwi. To Pronounce Choerocampa humilis How To Pronounce Choerocampa isaon How To Pronounce Choerocampa. User:Hansmuller Sandbox media Commons. Suratensis, Lath. humilis, Temm. orientalis, Lath. Chalcophaps Indicus, Linn. Gallinæ. Choerocampa, Dup. Thyelia, Linn. Nyssus, Drury. Species Index j Nearctica. 148. rhodocera Walk. St. Dom. Walk. C. B. M. pt. VIII, 184. Choerocampa Dup. humilis Doubled. St. Dom. C. B. M. 915. IBasilodes Guenee. pepita Guen. Список лускокрилих Російської Федерації wand. Diodosida roseipennis, ○. Theretra nessus, ○. Hippotion batschi, ○. Hippotion butleri, ○. Choerocampa humilis, ○. Choerocampa nessus var. rubicundus, ○.

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