ⓘ Choerocampa titana


ⓘ Choerocampa titana

  • October 25, 2011. Oehlke, Bill December 17, 2009 Xylophanes titana Druce, 1878 Choerocampa Sphingidae of the Americas. Archived from the original on

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Sphinx zona ta Drury. titan H?bner. Sphinx tit. Choerocampa Duponchel. gandlachii HS. irrorata Grote. Choerocampa Crameri M?n?t. inornata Clemens. List of the Sphingidae, Aegeriidae, Zygaenidae and JStor. Titana Theretra, 541. Tithoes, 142. tithonus Ambulyx, 86. tithymali Deilephila velata Choerocampa, 664. velleda Junonia, 349. velox Apocalypsis, 102. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Beauties of Nature, by Sir John. How do you say Choerocampa askoldensis? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Choerocampa askoldensis on pronouncekiwi. How To Pronounce Choerocampa titana How To Pronounce Choerocampa transfigurata How To Pronounce.

Pyralidae Zygaenidae Nearctica.

Sphingidae. Genus: Xylophanes. Species: X. titana. Binomial name. Xylophanes titana. H. Druce, 1878. Synonyms. Choerocampa titana H. Druce, 1878. Classifications Browser uBio. Related to thle ITYzeitde axid Trlriibdlv titan to thc families near wllich they at preselit st aid. Choerocampa celerlo, L. las octcurredI in Co. Slig. C. porcellas. Full text of Novitates Zoologicae Internet Archive. Larva of Choerocampa porcellus 53 2. - Choerocampa porcellus. where one might most expect to find Titania, resting, as once we are told, She lay upon a. ENUMERATIO INSECTORUM NORVEGICORUM. Aellopos titan Cramer was identified by Prof. was listed from Puerto Rico by Drs. Stahl and Dewitz as Choerocampa nechus Cramer, and by. Xylophanes titana pedia. 37, Xylophanes titana male, Simla Nature Lodge, June 2006 M.S. Botham photo​. Choerocampa neoptolemus Cramer Kaye 1901, Kaye. 1914a.

Sixth Annual Report of the Principal of the Southern OpenSIUC.

Aellopos titan Cramer 1777 Sphinx. Agrius Hubner 1819 Darapsa versicolor Harris 1839 Choerocampa Xylophanes libya Druce 1878 Choerocampa. How To Pronounce Choerocampa askoldensis pronouncekiwi. Choerocampa, 4. ddd. Ground color dark olive, Titan. 13. Macroglossa. Size not above moderate body robust, short, tufted heal large, antennae somewhat. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Sphingidae. 4. That the imitators differ from the bulk ot their allies. Fig. 10. Humming bird moth Macroglossa titan, and humming bird Lophomis Gmildii. From Bates. 5. Hawk moths The Trinidad & Tobago Field Naturalists Club. Ceplumodes titan Rothschild, Nov. Sphinx erotus Cramer, I.e. Choerocampa erotus, Cram., var. andamianensis Kirby, Choerocampa titana Druce, Ent. Mo.

Sphingidae Bibliography.

Titan Cram. II, 73, pi. 142. annulosum Swains. Ill, pi. 132. balteata Kirtland Choerocampa Dup. tersa Linn. South. St. Linn. Mant. I. 358. Sm. Abb. II. 75, pi. Wolcott 1948 Insects of Puerto Rico No3 Malaria San Juan Scribd. Xylophanes titana ye una poliya de la familia Sphingidae. sabese que vuela en Mexicu, Belice, Guatemala, Honduras, Choerocampa titana Druce, 1878.

Irish Moths JStor.

Xylophanes titana Druce Lepidoptera: Sphingidae in Trinidad Cockayne, EA Choerocampa suellus sibirica nom. nov. et comb. nov. pro Pergesa. A revision of the Lepidopterous family Sphingidae: A catalogue of. Choerocampa Wallgr. 2. Elpenor L. S. N. X, 491, F. S.288. Hb. 61. Wallgr. I, p. titans Hb. 619. Oculea Gn. 1, 210. Norv. m. or. haud infrequens, in Norv.

Macroglossa High Resolution Stock Photography and Images Alamy.

Clanis titan Rothschild and Jordan, 1903. Material examined: 2♂ Choerocampa echeclus Boisduval, 1874, Hist. Nat. Insects. Spec. How do you say Choerocampa epaphus? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Choerocampa epaphus on pronouncekiwi. To Pronounce Choerocampa suellus How To Pronounce Choerocampa titana How To Pronounce Choerocampa.

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