ⓘ Choreutis immutabilis


ⓘ Choreutis immutabilis

  • Tebenna immutabilis is a moth of the family Choreutidae. It is known from the United States, including California. The wingspan is 15 17 mm. Head and
  • 2650 - Choreutis pariana, apple leaf skeletonizer moth 2651 - Choreutis diana, Diana s choreutis moth 2652 - Choreutis betuliperda 2652.1 - Choreutis myllerana

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Nomina insecta nearctica acanthopteroctetidae acrolophidae.

Similar Tebenna micalis, Butterflies and moths, Choreutidae, Choreutis, Choreutis Tebenna gnaphaliella Kearfott, 1902 Tebenna immutabilis Braun, 1927. North American Moths – Choreutidae Moth Photographers Group. Chlamydastis stagnicolor Chloroclystis obturgescens Choreutis pentacyba Cnephasia paterna Coelostathma contigua Coelostathma immutabilis. 70 Essig Museum of Entomology Collections University of. Choreutis immutabilis Braun 1927 Choreutis incerta Capuse 1970 Choreutis inflatella Clemens 1863 Choreutis inspirata Meyrick 1916 Choreutis irradiata. Tebenna Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia. 7, figs, i ib alliciens, Choreutis, 6 40, pi. 20, fig. 3 3b Argyroploce, 1 26 argyrota, Choreutis, 6 43, pi. 21, figs 45, figs, i ic immutabilis, 3 91, pi. 45, figs​.

Tebenna immutabilis pedia.

Choreutis immutabilis new species. Palpi grayish ocherous, brush whitish and fuscous dusted, two parallel white bands crossing tip of second segment and. Choreutis fulminea names Encyclopedia of Life. Procellariiformes, Diomedeidae, Phoebastria immutabilis, Laysan Albatross Lepidoptera, Choreutidae, Choreutis ophiosema, Metalmark Moth. Lepidoptera​. Category:Moths described in 1926 Visually. Choreutis of authors not Choreutis Hiibner, which replaces Eutromula Frolich. OFFICIAL spelling. N immutabilis Braun, 19 2, Choreutis. E inspirata.

Descriptions of New Microlepidoptera JStor.

2645, Tebenna immutabilis. 2646, Tebenna 2651, Choreutis diana, Dianas Choreutis Moth. 2652, Choreutis betuliperda. 2652.01, Choreutis cf. sexfasciella. Litobrenthia angustipunctata Mili, The Free Encyclopedia. Choreutis immutabilis Braun, 1927. Tebenna immutabilis is a moth of the family Choreutidae. It is known from the United States,.

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Apple Leaf Skeletonizer Moth Choreutis pariana genus: Tebenna species: immutabilis sex: location: Patterson Res, Del Valle Lake county:. Choreutis: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Choreutis diana, Dianas choreutis moth, is a moth of the Choreutidae family. New!!: Choreutis dryodora is a species of moth in the Choreutidae family. New​!!:. Full text of Catalogue of the types specimens of Internet Archive. Tebenna gemmalis, Tebenna immutabilis 580022 – Tebenna carduiella, Choreutis pariana 580027 – Choreutis betuliperda, Choreutis emplecta 580029.1.

Choreutis sexfasciella Sauber 1902 names Encyclopedia of Life.

Tebenna immutabilis Braun 1927 Choreutis. Tebenna onustana Walker 1864 ​Simaethis. Choreutis ohiensis Zeller 1875 Syn. Choreutis ohioensis Kearfott. Wingspan Unionpedia, the concept map. Tebenna gemmalis, Tebenna immutabilis 580022 – 2645 © Calif. Acad. Sci., C. Grinter Tebenna immutabilis. Tebenna carduiella, Choreutis pariana​. Australian Animals A Z List OzAnimals. Choreutis, diana, 1 mi SE Inverness, Marin, Powell, DeBenedictis, May 10 68, UCB. 18752, Choreutis, diana immutabilis, Patterson Res, Del Valle Lake. Moth Photographers Group – Plate 07 – Choreutidae Cossidae. Curated hierarchies for Choreutis sexfasciella Sauber 1902 Choreutis bathysema Diakonoff 1978 Choreutis blandinalis Choreutis immutabilis Braun 1927. Tebenna immutabilis is a moth of the family Choreutidae. It is known from the United States, including California. Choreutis montana is a moth of the family. SpeciesChoreutis immutabilis. SpeciesChoreutis incerta. SpeciesChoreutis inflatella. SpeciesChoreutis inspirata. SpeciesChoreutis intermediana.

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