ⓘ Choreutis carduiella


ⓘ Choreutis carduiella

  • Tebenna carduiella is a moth of the family Choreutidae. It is found in the United States from New Jersey to Florida and west to Texas. The wingspan is
  • Tebenna carduiella 2650 - Choreutis pariana, apple leaf skeletonizer moth 2651 - Choreutis diana, Diana s choreutis moth 2652 - Choreutis betuliperda

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Vol. 17 Arthropods of Florida.

2649, Tebenna carduiella. 2649.97, Tebenna sp. Unidentified Tebbena Moths. 2651, Choreutis diana, Dianas Choreutis Moth. 2652, Choreutis betuliperda. Xmuseum of natural, history AMNH Digital Library American. Choreutis carduiella, sp. nov. Dark brown, thickly dusted with cinereous scales, without a lens the ground very dark, almost black, slate color. Antenme dark. Nomina insecta nearctica acanthopteroctetidae acrolophidae. Similar Tebenna micalis, Butterflies and moths, Choreutidae, Choreutis, ​mostly treated as a synonym of Tebenna micalis Tebenna carduiella Kearfott, 1902.

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Tebenna gnaphaliella - carduiella © Copyright Cameron Prybol 2011 2014 7. Tebenna gnaphaliella - carduiella. Tebenna © Copyright Carol Wolf 2014 6. A Revision of the North American Species of the Genus Choreutis. Choreutis pariana Apple Leaf Skeletonizer Clerck, 1759. Prochoreutis extrincicella Dyar, 1900. Prochoreutis inflatella Clemens, 1863. Tebenna carduiella. Preliminary List of NJ Moths. 02649.00 082725 Tebenna carduiella Smith. 02650.00 082775 Choreutis pariana BG. 02675.00 083525 Acossus centerensis Smith ha. 02693.00 083975​.

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580026E carduiella Kearfott, 1902 Choreutis. E - - - - - - - - - E - - - -. NOTE: The QC record by Winn 1912 is deemed erroneous this species is. Download file ScholarSphere. 2648 Tebenna onustana 2649 Tebenna carduiella 2650 Choreutis pariana, apple leaf skeletonizer moth 2651 Choreutis diana, Dianas choreutis moth. North American Moths – Choreutidae Moth Photographers Group. Reared from Choreutis carduiella Kearfott Lepidop tera: Choreutidae, Desmia funeralis Hu¨bner Lep idoptera: Pyralidae, Dichomeris sp. Lepidoptera. Tebenna carduiella species. Nos. 7508 original and 8351, Coll. Hy. Edwards. The original description erred in calling this specimena male. Glyphipterygidae carduiella Kearfott, Choreutis.

Choreutidae Skeletonizer - Discover Life.

135, 2, Lepidoptera, Pterophoridae, Choreutis, pariana, Clerk, 1795, 8675. 136, 20, Lepidoptera, Choretidae, Tebenna, carduiella, Kearfott, 1902, 8675. Choreutis fulminea names Encyclopedia of Life. SpeciesChoreutis brunescens. SpeciesChoreutis busckiella. SpeciesChoreutis caliginosa. SpeciesChoreutis calliclisa. SpeciesChoreutis carduiella. Proceedings of the United States National Museum. Campaea perlata, Choreutis diana, Clepsis melaleucana, Clepsis persicana, Homoeosoma pedionnastes, Rotruda mucidella, Tebenna carduiella, Udea.


Choreutis calliclisa Diakonoff 1978 Choreutis carduiella Kearfott 1902 Choreutis charmonica Walsingham 1914 Choreutis chionocosma Diakonoff 1978. Wingspan Unionpedia, the concept map. Choreutis bathysema Choreutis blandinalis Choreutis brunescens Choreutis busckiella Choreutis caliginosa Choreutis calliclisa Choreutis carduiella. List of moths of North America MONA 2312–2700.1 Visually. Tebenna carduiella Kearfott 1902 Choreutis. Choreutis busckiella Kearfott 1902 Syn. Choreutis carduella Meyrick 1913 Emend. Tebenna diana Bradley 1961. Tebenna carduiella pedia. GLYPHIPTERYGIDAE Choreutis carduiella Kft. 3 29. HYPONOMEUTIDAE Podiasa chiococcella Busck 3 5. GRACILLARIDAE Phyllocnistis erechtiisella Chamb.

AnnotAted checklist of the moths And butterflies lepidopterA of.

Choreutis of authors not Choreutis Hiibner, which replaces Eutromula Frolich. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION carduiella Kearfott, 19 6, Choreutis busckiella​. Moth Photographers Group – Plate 07 – Choreutidae Cossidae. PORPE Hbn. CHOREUTIS Hbn. P. inflatella Clem. Greenwood Lake, Essex Co. VI, 10 VII, 25 P. carduiella Kearf. 5 mile beach VI, VII div larvae very. Species Tebenna carduiella Hodges 2649. Hodges Number. 2649. Synonyms and other taxonomic changes. Tebenna carduiella Kearfott, 1902. Choreutis carduiella Kearfott, 1902 1. Parasitoids Attacking Larvae of a Recently naldc USDA. Choreutis carduiella Kearfott 1902 Choreutis catapsesta Meyrick 1935 Choreutis charmonica Walsingham 1914 Choreutis chionocosma Diakonoff 1978.

Vol. 17 Arthropods of Florida Free Online Publishing.

Choreutis busckiella Kearfott Tebenna carduiella Kearfott 2649 Choreutis carduiella Kearfott Tebenna carduiella Kearfott 2647 Choreutis gnaphaliella. Family Choreutidae Choreuitid Moths Butterflies and Moths of. Choreutis carduiella Kearfott, 1902. Tebenna carduiella is a moth of the family Choreutidae. It is found in the United States from.


Tortyra slossonia Fernald, Choreutis carduiella Kearfott, and a Glyphipteryx sp. have been sparingly encountered this way, in addition to what is tentatively. Iowa Microlepidoptera UNI ScholarWorks. Choreutis diana, Dianas choreutis moth, is a moth of the Choreutidae family. New!!: Choreutis dryodora is a species of moth in the Choreutidae family. New​!!:.

Tebenna Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia.

Tebenna carduiella, Choreutis pariana 580027 – 2650 Choreutis pariana, Choreutis diana 580028 – Choreutis betuliperda, Choreutis emplecta 580029.1 –. Annual report, including a report of the insects of New Jersey, 1909. Choreutis carduiella Kearfott, 1902 Choreutis busckiella Kearfott, 1902 type no. W., 1902: A revision of the North American species of the genus Choreutis.

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Choreutis carduiella Kearfott. Tebenna carduiella Kearfott. 2647. Choreutis gnaphaliella Kearfott. Tebenna gnaphaliella Kearfott. 2629. Choreutis inflatella​. Choreutis carduiella Kearf. Iowa City, July. Yponomeutidae. 88. Yponomeuta multipunctella. Clem. Sioux City, one, July 9. 1917. Gracilariidae.

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