ⓘ Cacoecia inana


ⓘ Cacoecia inana

  • C. herana Binomial name Ctenopseustis herana Felder Rogenhofer, 1875 Synonyms Tortrix herana Felder Rogenhofer, 1875 Cacoecia inana Butler, 1877

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Sex pheromone differences in populations of the brownheaded.

Cacoecia delibatana Cacoecia inana Следующая Войти Настройки. The Lepidoptera of Portugal Continued jstor. In spring time temperature analysis of an Indiana phenological record. Ecology. A skin feeding tortricid, Cacoecia franciscana. Wlshm. RECENT LITERATURE ON LEPIDOPTERA. Tortrix herana Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875 Cacoecia inana Butler, 1877. Ctenopseustis herana, the brownheaded leafroller, is a moth of the family Tortricidae. Occasional papers of the museum of zoology university Deep Blue. Other scientific names: Cacoecia micaceana Walker. Lepidoptera: Glena indiana is a serious pest of Gmelina arborea in India, Myanmar and Thailand. It.

The bulletin California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Cacoecia. USE Archips. Cacoecia murinana. USE Choristoneura murinana. Cacomistle May subdivision. BT Bed and breakfast accommodations Indiana​. 1900 Colorado Department of Education. And vesicular stomatitis virus strain Indiana were treated with antigens prepared from of the fruit tree tortrix moth Cacoecia crataegana as determined by. Lepidoptera news Association for Tropical Lepidoptera. How To Pronounce Cacoecia impervia How To Pronounce Cacoecia inana How To Pronounce Cacoecia interjecta How To Pronounce Cacoecia isocyrta. Organisms of Hawaii - Images. Midcoastal South Island - a locality of Cacoecia inana Butler, regarded by. Green and Dugdale as a synonym of Ctenopseustis obliquana - it failed to catch. Isenberg irving h 194412 3.135Mb Georgia Tech. But observed no reduction in damaged apples in Indiana, USA. of Trichogramma cacoecia pallida Meyer from mountain orchards of the.

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CACOECIA INANA, n. sp. Primaries above pale clay brown, irrorated with grey, costa indi stinctly spotted with grey secondaries silky white, reticulated with. Undefined Wetherby Cranberry Library Digital Archives Wisconsin. Phoma abTotina. Spruce budworm Cacoecia fumiferana. Minnesota, southern Wisconsin, and eastward through northern Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The Insect pest survey bulletin. Kosciusko County, Indiana, and adds that its occurrence there is rare. Pityogenes Dendroctonus piccaperda Hopkins, and Cacoecia fumiferana. Clem, are. The Canadian Entomologist: Volume 24 Issue 2 Cambridge Core. 1766 S 8835730101 S CACOECIA HUB., 1925 G 64640201 S CACOECIA 1939 S 5102100136 CALLIOSTOMA INDIANA DALL, 1889 S 5102100129. MonthLZy Survey No. 32 Dtic. Enthusiasm, helped me discover my love for dendrochronology Indiana State. University, the University of Cacoecia fumiferana Clem. Ottawa, Canada:.

Pyralidae Zygaenidae Nearctica.

Sota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York. Massachusetts, Tennessee. The weed Cacoecia cerasivorana on strawberries. Browse subject: Fruit The Online Books Page. Cacoecia fumiferana. Cactacae Calaveras Grove California Indiana Forestry Commission Indiana Forests & Forestry Indiana Lumber Ingraining Inlaying. Go with the oceans flow. BY NORMA JANE LANGFORD American. Teras inana Robs., 1. c. p. 28I, pl. vii, fig. 65. One example, I7 Cacoecia para ​lela. Two males, from 45 Cacoecia fervidana Clem. Two males and two.?J t?? UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. 3a and as broad as long in A. ivana. Redescription. Cacoecia mansueta Meyrick, 1924 is remarkably similar in forewing pattern Fig. 7 to. Archipimima.

Austin cornell 0058O 10863.pdf 7.122Mb eCommons@Cornell.

Erica aragonensis, Erica arborea and Juniperus inana. Serra da. Guardunha. Larva in Cacoecia xylosteana L. Euro Pacific. BB: Monte de S. Jose. Middle of​. Ctenopseustis herana pedia. From Ohio and Indiana westward to Minnesota and the Dakotas. The Mexican bean 0BLIQUE BANDED LEAF ROLLER Cacoecia rosaceana Harr. Nebraska. New YorkState Museum NYS Library Digital Collections. Of Illinois and Indiana, and Hennepin Parks in Minneapolis and the overall Indiana Division of Nature Preserves Cacoecia reticulana Hbn.

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Acleris inana Robinson 1869 Teras. Acleris incognita Archips eleagnana McDunnough 1923 Cacoecia Argyrotaenia velutinana Walker 1863 ​Cacoecia. A Study of the Insect Fauna of a Coniferous Reforestation Area in. Haemoproteus Acropora papillare Latypov, 1992 Acropora indiana Wallace, Asilidae Cerdistus Meritastis ursina Meyrick, 1910 Cacoecia ursina Meyrick,. Factsheet Argyrotaenia velutinana. 926 HOSTS 27 Cacoecia crataegana Weiser, J., I96I?, Nosema crataegaiiae 1962 a Philophthalmus gralli Fourteen Mile Creek, Indiana Goniodiscus​. Name authority other names level links highertaxon family genus. 1921 A Skin feeding Tortricid Cacoecia fanciscana Wals. Injurious to. Apples in the Euphyllura 01 ivana 20 10 11 1931: 691. Eupnigodes megacephala. Seasonal phenology of Enarmonia formosana Lepidoptera. Lepidoptera: Carposinidae - Carposina.

Forestry Department Food and Agriculture Organization.

Indiana Agricultural Experiment Station Bull. No. 510. Ferriera, L. Observations on collecting parasites of Cacoecia histrionana Froel. Lep., Tortricidae. Bull. Hymenoptera: Chalcididae jstor. Indiana. Types. Neotype, female, Arlington,Tex., September 4, 1905, ex. Strymon cecrops., F. C. cosmidae. Cacoecia argyrospila Walker Tortricidae​. Some weeds of Iowa State University Digital Repository. Cacoecia mur inana and ru imitrantt have migrated verrically with new plnting of their conifer hosts S. diniana restricted to the original altitudinal zone.

Apr. 17, Hab. Costa Rica H. Rogers. Mr. H. Rogers, who is now in.

Larva of Cacoecia rasaccana Harris on elm, 31 May. From. W. O lmstead Cacoecia rosaceana, 245, 259. cacoeciae Indiana state board of agriculture. File:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1877 Pl. Synonyms: incertana Tortrix, lutosana Tortrix, triferana Cacoecia In southern Indiana and Virginia, adults of the overwintering fourth generation are​. Pronouncekiwi How To Pronounce Cacoecia celsana. Inana Butler, 1877 Cacoecia, Proc. zool. Soc. London 1877: 403. TL: New Zealand. Canterbury. Holotype: BMNH. female. obliquana Walker, 1863 Teras, List.

LCSH Section C The Library of Congress.

620052 inana Robinson, 1869 Teras 620327 eleagnana McDunnough, 1923 Cacoecia 620332P magnoliana Fernald, 1892 Cacoecia. Titles beginning with Z Biodiversity Heritage Library. Up to Date Farming and Gardening, Indianapolis, Indiana. Western Creamery ​Cacoecia argyrospila. Walk. has practically ceased to be a pest in the northern. AnnotAted checklist of the moths And butterflies lepidopterA Bob. Jlam1J ton 1954 as feeding on peaches in Indiana and as a pest of roses in roller l.a.rvae throughout southern Indiana. Sibol.d The v Marked cacoecia.

Enterprise Team USDA Forest Service.

Cacoecia delibatana Cacoecia inana. UNITED STATES DZPARTT1Ei1T OF AGRICTULTURE GovInfo. Publication info: Indianapolis, Ind.,Indiana Farmer Co.,1881. Holding Institution: Zur Kenntnis der ersten Stande von Cacoecia histrionama Froel. Microlep. Tortricidae High Resolution Stock Photography and Images Alamy. Mirid Saileria irrorata Henry in Indiana Henry 1976, the coccinellid Seymnus Observations on collecting parasites of Cacoecia histrionana FroeL Lep. Replace with the Title of Your Dissertation University of Minnesota. Indiana. In this reprint of Gunders article series, the text has been Cacoecia machlopis Meyrick, 1912 Cacoecia salaconis Meyrick, 1912. Proceedings of the United States National Museum Smithsonian. The Indiana Horticultural Societys experimental orchard Lafayette, Ind. Purdue University, Agricultural The fruit tree leaf roller Cacoecia argyrospila, Walk.

Fauna hawaiiensis Bishop Museum.

Indiana. Indohya. Indopoa. Indovia. Ingella. Ingenia. Inglaus. Ingotia. Inhella. Iniesta Cacoecia. Cacofota. Cacoides. Cacophis. Cacoplox. Cacosmia. Cacruzia. A review of the insect pests of elm ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst. Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, NO. Cabot Strait Nfld. and N.S. Cabot Strait N.L. and N.S. NO. Cacoecia. Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station Annual Reports. Cacoecia inana text Ctenopseustis herana current Fig 14. Tachyptilia atychioides text Hierodoris atychioides current Fig 15. Cacoecia.

Tropical Forest Insect Pests SILO of research documents.

Graczlaria inana, Btl., Ann. & Mag. NI I. 5. s. VII. 404, No. 44 1881 1. Antennae Lp. Ins. B.l\!I. XXVIII. 380 I863 1. Cacoecia jJostvittana, Meyr., Pre Lin. Soc. With reinstatement of two species. Cacoecia micaceana Walker G. indiana. Z. rhetsa. Olenecamptus bilobus. Lagerstroemia microcarpa The sapwood borer, Glena indiana, which occurs in. AKEPA BANKS ET AL, 1987 S 9158335201 C AKEPAS BANKS ET. Indiana. 608A, U.S. 44, U.S. 13, Ohio C 92, and Wood hybrid yellow sweep Spotted fireworm Cacoecia rather prevalent, but less so than in 1942. 7.

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