ⓘ Chrysocorys felicella


ⓘ Chrysocorys felicella

  • Schreckensteinia felicella is a moth of the family Schreckensteiniidae. It is found in western North America, including and possibly limited to California

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Schreckensteinia felicella Walsingham 1880 Chrysocorys. Schreckensteinia festaliella Hubner 1826 Schreckensteinia. Chrysocorys scisscella Haworth 1828. Psyche. Felicella Walsingham Chrysocorys Schreckensteiniidae. Schreckensteinia felicis Fruhstorfer Papilio Papilionidae Eurytides philolaus felicita Smith Baptarma. AnnotAted checklist of the moths And butterflies lepidopterA of. The author commences with Chrysocorys our English C. festaliella occurs in Oregon, A third American species, C, felicella, is here figured and recorded from. Full text of Lepidopterorum catalogus Internet Archive. 500002 felicella Walsingham, 1880 Chrysocorys. R - - - - BC AB - - - - - - - -. 500003 festaliella Hubner, Tinea. R AK - - - BC AB P MB. Full text of The Entomologists monthly magazine Internet Archive. 419 1826 Chrysocorys Curt. 17 fasciata Wals., 16 felicella Wals., 19 fervescens Meyr., 18 festaliella Hiib., 19 libulata Meyr., 11 flammivola Meyr., 19 flavella.

Schreckensteinia felicella pedia.

Chrysocorys felicella Walsingham, 1880. Schreckensteinia felicella is a moth of the family Schreckensteiniidae. It is found in western. Pyralidae Zygaenidae Nearctica. Chrysocorys felicella Wlsm. Pteroph. Cal. and Oreg., 88o, p. 3. Walsingham reared this species fiom larvae feeding on two kinds of Orthocarus l. c., p. 3, and. Notes on Pterophoridae of North America.

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