ⓘ Cacozelia albomedialis


ⓘ Cacozelia albomedialis

  • Cacozelia pemphusalis is a species of snout moth in the genus Cacozelia It was described by Herbert Druce in 1899. It is found in the southern part of

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Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Pyralidae.

Cacozelia pemphusalis Druce, 1899. This species was formerly considered Epipaschia albomedialis 1. Pococera pemphusalis Druce 1899. Cacozelia pemphusalis – 5578 Moth Photographers Group. Map not. Available. Cacozelia albimedialis. Images not available. Map not. Available. Cacozelia basiochrealis Image of Cacozelia basiochrealis. Epipaschiinae. Full text of Journal of the New York Entomological Society. Species examined, albomedialis Barnes & Benjamin, basiochrealis Grote, elegans Schaus, interruptella Ragonot. Distribution. Cacozelia basiochrealis has.

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Cacozelia elegans. Coenodomus. A Phylogenetic Analysis and Reclassification of the Genera JStor. Albomedialis Barnes & Benjamin, 1924 Epipaschia Genus MILGITHEA Schaus, 1922 M. alboplagialis Dyar, 1905 Cacozelia M. trilinearis Hampson,​. Articles C 034.en On Line Technology. Hint: Select reselect View by Region on the related species page. Taxonomic Notes: Cacozelia pemphusalis Druce, 1899 replaces Epipaschia albomedialis.

Annotated check list of the Pyraloidea Lepidoptera of America.

Jocara dentilineella Hulst 1900 Syn. Cacozelia pemphusalis Druce 1899 ​Pococera. Epipaschia albomedialis Barnes and Benjamin 1924 Syn. Cactobrosis. Species Cacozelia pemphusalis Hodges 5578. Cacozelia elegans. Epipaschiinae SCAN. 6015 albomedialis B. £ B. 6016 zelleri Ort. Cacozelia Grt. 6017 basiochrealis Cfrt. 6018 alboplagialis Dyar Jocara Wlk. 6019 incrustalis Hist. 6020 perseella B.


Epipaschia zelleri. 28 Sep 13. B K. UVALDE: Concan. Cacozelia albomedialis. 04 Jun 13. B K. MORRIS: Daingerfield SP. Tallula atrifascialis. 2013 Season Summary. Albomedialis Barnes & Benjamin, 1924. syn. Epipaschia 5578 3658. basiochrealis Grote, 1878 valid Cacozelia 5580 3655. interruptella.

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