ⓘ Cacoecia isocyrta


ⓘ Cacoecia isocyrta

  • Meyrick, 1912 Synonyms Cacoecia machlopis Meyrick, 1912 Cacoecia compacta Meyrick, 1918 Cacoecia isocyrta Meyrick, 1920 Cacoecia seminubila Meyrick, in

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Cacoecia species.

Cacoecia. Tortricinae. Diakonoff 1941b. Asia. Cajanus cajan L. Millsp. as Archips machlopis Meyrick as isocyrta. Tortricinae. Fletcher 1932. Asia. World Species Archips machlopis Endangered Species. Cacoecia transcutata. Cacoecia isocyrta Meyrick. Tortrix isocyrta Meyrick. Tortrix transcutata Meyrick. Distribution Peninsular Malaysia Leaf Ahmad & Ho, 1980.

Articles C 034.en On Line Technology.

Tortricidae: Cacoecia epicyrta Meyr India. Cacoecia isocyrta Meyr Malaya. Oecophoridae: Tonica zizyphi Stain Malaya, India, Ceylon. See footnotes to list of. Archips machlopis Visually. C. compacta – C. dorsiplagana – C. emitescens – C. heliaspis – C. impervia – C. interjecta – C. isocyrta – C. machlopis – C. ochrostoma. Pronouncekiwi How To Pronounce Cacoecia celsana. Cacoecia expleta Cacoecia isocyrta.

Archips machlopis species.

How To Pronounce Cacoecia inana How To Pronounce Cacoecia interjecta How To Pronounce Cacoecia isocyrta How To Pronounce Cacoecia isozona. Full text of The citrus insects of tropical Asia Internet Archive.

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