ⓘ Chrysauge chrysomelas


ⓘ Chrysauge chrysomelas

  • Chrysauge flavelata is a species of snout moth in the genus Chrysauge It was described by Stoll in 1781, and is known from Surinam, Venezuela and Brazil

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Chrysauge catenulata Chrysemosa jeanneli Chrysendeton imitabilis Chrysendeton Colias occidentalis chrysomelas Colias occidentalis occidentalis. Page 1092 J. Willard Marriott Digital Library University of Utah. Chrysauge flavelata Popular Name: Snout Moth. Fechar Chrysauge kadenii Popular Name: Moth Ormetica chrysomelas Popular Name: Ormetica Moth.

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1 Chrysauge flavelata 1 Chrysauge kadenii 1 Chrysesthes tripunctata 1 picta 1 Ormetica chrysomelas 1 Ormetica maura 1 Ormetica rosenbergi. Full text of On the Classification of the Internet Archive. Noct. iii. t chrysomelas, Wlk. ii. p. 369. t Candisa auriflavalis, Wlk. xxxiv. 1494. Anctorum. Chrysauge unicolor, Berg, Ann. Soc. Arg. xix. p. 274. Argentina. Full text of On the classification of the Internet Archive. Chrysauge, Hiibn, Samml. exot. Schmett. ii., Lep. chrysomelas Wlk. ii. p. 369. Candisa aiirijlavalisj Wlk. xxxiv. 1494. Attctorum, Chrysauge unicolor. Berg, Ann.

Chrysauge flavelata pedia.

Chrysauge Flavelata. Species of insect. types Chrysauge flavelata is a species of snout moth in the genus Chrysauge. Chrysauge chrysomelas. reference. Atlantic Rainforest Mata Atlantica Biofaces Bring Nature Closer. CLASSIFICATION OF THE CHRYSAUGIN E. 691 Genus CHRYSAUGE. Chrysauge, Hiibn. Samml. exot. Noct. iii. t chrysomelas, Wlk. ii. p. 369. fCanclisa. Catalogue of the Neotropical Arctiini Leach,. Chrysauge. Facebook. Twitter SpeciesChrysauge auriflavalis. Species​Chrysauge bifasciata. SpeciesChrysauge catenulata. SpeciesChrysauge chrysomelas.

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Chrysauge bifasciata, 691. catenulata, 691. chrysomelas, 691. divida, 691. flavelata, 691. kadenii, 691. latifasciata, 691. unicolor, 691. Chrysometa tenuipes​. Goldfinch lepidoptera at master google goldfinch GitHub. Ormetica chrysomelas Walker, 1856 Automolis chrysomelas Walker, 1856: 1636. Crocomela intensa Walker, 1854 Chrysauge intensa Walker, 1854a: 372. Chrysauge flavelata Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. Chrysauge catenulata, m 0h b8z6. euzophera lunulella, m 0h c9kh. ​euzopherodes ormetica chrysomelas, m 0 v3105. pachydota nervosa, m ​0 v3x1n.

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