ⓘ Chrysauge jonesalis


ⓘ Chrysauge jonesalis

  • Chrysauge flavelata is a species of snout moth in the genus Chrysauge It was described by Stoll in 1781, and is known from Surinam, Venezuela and Brazil

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New Species of American Heterocera jstor.

Chrysauge jonesalis Schaus Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Chrysauginae, a defoliator of Zeyheria tuberculosa Vell Bur Bignoniaceae and its natural enemies. Mariposa Chrysauge flavelata Biofaces Bring Nature Closer. Chrysauge Flavinia limbata. Chrysauge approximans Wlk. Chrysauge aurantia Jones 1912 Chrysauge jonesalis. Chrysauge latifasciata. Chrysauge flavelata pedia. Mariposa Chrysauge flavelata25 Apr 2020. BRAZIL. by Marcos Cesar Campis. Follow. Not evaluated Chrysauge flavelata Snout Moth. Related Posts Fotos. Pyralidae SCAN. Chrysauge Flavelata. Species of insect. types Chrysauge flavelata is a species of snout moth in the genus Chrysauge. Chrysauge jonesalis. reference URL. The Lepidoptera Associated with Forestry Crop Species in Brazil: a. Chromarcha polybata Chrysange jonesalis Chrysauge bifasciata Chrysauge catenulata Chrysauge eutelia Chrysauge flavelata Chrysauge.

Geography and Life Sciences: Chapter 20725.

Chrysauge jonesalis Schaus. Chrysauge jonesalis. 2 1997–1997. 1. 48. Clydonopteron sacculana Bosc. Clydonopteron tecomae. Volume Information jstor. Chromarcha polybata Dyar Chrysange jonesalis Schaus Chrysauge Chrysophila Chrysoscinia Hampson 1930 Ciliocera Amsel 1954 Ciliocerodes Amsel. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Pyralidae. SpeciesChrysauge flavelata. SpeciesChrysauge jonesalis. SpeciesChrysauge kadenii. SpeciesChrysauge latifasciata. SpeciesChrysauge unicolor.

Full text of New Species of American Heterocera Internet Archive.

Chrysauge Jonesalis.?Body brown black. Wings bright yellow. Pri maries the margins narrowly black a broader black band from middle of cos tal to inner angle. Get PDF New North American Chrysauginae Pyralidae described. Chloroperla signata. Choroterpes inornata Chrysauge jonesalis Schaus.178. Chrysopa arizonensis.104 chi. 103 chlorophana. Grass moths names Encyclopedia of Life. Chrysauge jonesalis Schaus Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Chrysauginae, especie desfolhadora do ipe felpudo, Zeyheria tuberculosa Vell. Bur. Bignoniaceae e​. To Organism Names Global Names Index. Chrysauge flavelata Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias.

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