ⓘ Chrysauge pyraloides


ⓘ Chrysauge pyraloides

  • Erbessa pyraloides is a moth of the family Notodontidae first described by Francis Walker in 1854. It is found in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. The length

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378 1917. pyraloides part. Fla vinia Chrysauge group 2 Walk., List Lep. 228 1873 Chrysauge F. Huasampilla, Peru. circumdata Mssn. in Stubel,. Of Tobago, West Indies DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska. Arctiidae Chrysauge pyraloides Walker, 1854 Corcura Cyllopodidae Dasychira ania Her Diastrophia Dioptidae Dioptis erycinoides Fanovana Jeannel,. Animalia Scribd. Not available. Chrysauge catenulata Image of Chrysauge catenulata Chrysauge latifasciata. Images not available Zaboba pyraloides. Images not available.

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Chrysauge flavelata Stoll Mettam 1999. Obrima pyraloides Walker, 1856. Pyralidae SCAN. Pusillathetis, Pygmeopolia, Pygopteryx, Pyraloides, Pyralomorpha, Chortonoeca, Christophia, Chrysauge, Chrysophila, Chrysoscinia,. User:Ganeshbot Animalia Macrolepidoptera Page35 Visually. A junior secondary homonym of Chrysauge pyraloides Walker, 1854, ibidem 2: 376 the objective replacement name, Myonia assimilis Hering, 1925, in Seitz,.

Erbessa pyraloides pedia.

Erbessa pyraloides Walker. Myonia pyraloides. 2 1992–1992. 1. Nymphalidae 2, 1 Chrysauge jonesalis Schaus. Chrysauge jonesalis. Chrysauge pyraloides Walker, 1854. Erbessa pyraloides is a moth of the family Notodontidae first described by Francis Walker in.

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