ⓘ Chrysauge subalba


ⓘ Chrysauge subalba

  • Argentala subalba is a moth of the family Notodontidae first described by Francis Walker in It is found in Venezuela. It is the smallest member of the

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Terranea Freyer,i83i amasina Staudinger,i90i subalba Corti & Draudt,i933 Synonym s thora Pl5tz,i884 chrysauge Mabille,i89i thops Holland,i896 828. Full text of A provisional arrangement of the Dioptidae. Chrysauge catenulata Chrysemosa jeanneli Chrysendeton imitabilis Chrysendeton Greya punctiferella Greya reticulata Greya subalba Greya variabilis.

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11. subalba Walk., List Lep. Ins. ii. 374 1854 Chrysauge Venezuela. 12. satyroides Feld., Eeise Novara, Lep. Het. tab. 105. fig. 16 1868 Steno plastis ​. SCAN Image Library SCAN Bugs. Chrysauge catenulata, m 0h b8z6. euzophera lunulella, m 0h c9kh. ​euzopherodes cyana subalba, m 0ynxynp. demonarosa rufotessellata, m ​0yp2rkl. Full text of Cesa Publications on African Lepidoptera nr.25. Amasina Staudinger,1901 subalba Corti & Draudt,1933 adolfi Corti & Draudt Plotz,1884 Hesperiidae Synonym s thora Plotz,1884 chrysauge Mabille. Argentala subalba pedia. Chrysauge subalba Walker, 1854. Argentala subalba is a moth of the family Notodontidae first described by Francis Walker in. Third Report on the Temporary Results of the. Ophthalmophora subalba Ophthalmophora superamabilis Oberthur, 1916 1896 Osmodes chrysauge Mabille, 1891 Osmodes costatus Aurivillius, 1896.

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