ⓘ Oia


ⓘ Oia

  • Oia, alternate name of Oea Thera, a town of ancient Thera Santorini
  • Oia, alternate name of Oea Attica, a town of ancient Attica
  • Oia, Spain, a municipality in Galicia, in the province of Pontevedra
  • Oia, Greece, a small town on the island of Santorini

1. Transportation

  • Ourilandia do Norte Airport, an airport with IATA identifier OIA
  • Orlando International Airport "OIA" is a local abbreviation, which actually uses the letters MCO for its airport designation

2. Government

  • Official Information Act 1982, a piece of New Zealand legislation
  • Office of Intelligence and Analysis Treasury Department, the intelligence organization of the U.S. Department of the Treasury
  • Office of the Independent Adjudicator, the higher-education ombudsman in the United Kingdom
  • DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis, an office of the United States Department of Homeland Security

3. Other uses

  • Oahu Interscholastic Association, an athletic association of public secondary schools on the island of Oahu, Hawaii
  • Oia spider, a genus of spiders in the Linyphiidae family
  • Old Indo-Aryan, the earlier Indo-Aryan languages

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