ⓘ Padishah (disambiguation)


ⓘ Padishah (disambiguation)

Padishah, Padshah, Badshah or Padisah is a title of nobility roughly meaning emperor in Persian languages, primarily used for the Shahanshah of imperial Iran.

PadIshah may also refer to:

Imperial/royal ruler styles
  • Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, prominent is whose long titulature in Turkish was Padisah
  • Padshah-i Hind, the main title of the Great Mughal, as paramount ruler of Hindustan India
  • Padishah Bahadur meaning a rank above Padshah, assumed by the usurper Tipu Sultan having overthrown the Maharaja of Mysore and bidding to overtake the Mugjal empire, until his defeat by the British
  • Padshah-e Awadh, assumed by the former Nawabs of Awadh alias Oudh when they declared it a kingdom independent of the Mughal empire
Fictional rulers
  • Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe, a title within the fictional universe of Frank Herbert`s Dune novels, the titular head of human space
  • In the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the ruler of the Empire of Kelesh is also styled "Padishah Emperor".
  • Badshah rapper, Indian rapper
  • Padishah Khatun, Mongol poet and empress
  • Padishah Kandahar, a tribal elder; see Yar Mohammed Karzai
  • Padishah Zabul, an Afghan appointed to Afghanistans First Constitutional Loya Jirga, see Constitutional Loya Jirga

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