ⓘ Chloroclystis trichophora


ⓘ Chloroclystis trichophora

  • Syncosmia trichophora is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found in India and Nepal. The wingspan is about 20 mm. Adults are pale green, suffused
  • 1893 Chloroclystis subcostalis Hampson, 1893 Chloroclystis subusta Warren, 1895 Chloroclystis taraxichroma Prout, 1958 Chloroclystis trichophora Hampson

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Chloroclystis trichophora Hampson, 1895 Eupithecia subviridis Vojnits, 1983. Syncosmia trichophora is a moth in the family Geometridae first described by George Hampson. Bitte beachten: Dies ist eine automatisch erstellte Liste, die in. Acorotricha trichophora Ocystola trichophora Turner Acosmeryx anceus Chloroclystis 22. Chlorocoma 1. Chlorodes 2. Chlumetia 2. Chodda 2. Full text of Moths Internet Archive. Images not available. Chloroclystis tornospila. Images not available. Chloroclystis tortuosa. Images not available. Chloroclystis trichophora. Images not available.

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C. kumakurai – C. lichenodes – C. mira – C. nepalensis – C. nereis – C. onusta – C. parthenia – C. sphragitis – C. trichophora – C. v ata. Chloroclystis species. Chloroclystis exilipicta de Joannis, 1906 - Chloroclystis cryptoxantha de Joannis​, 1932. Chloroclystis Plecoptera trichophora Hampson, 1910. Plecoptera.

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Trichoepalpus, Trichoformosomyia, Trichophora, Trichophoropsis, Chloroclydon, Chloroclysta, Chloroclystis, Chlorocoma, Chloroctenis,. User:Ganeshbot Animalia Macrolepidoptera Page10 Visually. Syncosmia trichophora is a moth in the family Geometridae first described by George Hampson in 1895. It is found in India and Nepal. The wingspan is about 20 mm. Adults are pale green, suffused with pale rufous. The forewings have indistinct. Green Pug names Encyclopedia of Life. SpeciesChloroclystis acervicosta. SpeciesChloroclystis acompsa. Species​Chloroclystis actephilae. SpeciesChloroclystis trichophora. Chloroclystis names Encyclopedia of Life. Chloroclystis taraxichroma Prout, 1958 Chloroclystis trichophora Hampson, 1895 Chloroclystis vata lucinda Butler, 1879 Chloroclystis xanthocomes Prout​,.

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7. trichophora, Hmpsn. 8. atroviridis, Warr. 9. infrazebrina, Hmpsn. Except in the male of Chloroclystis costalis. 332 GEOMETRIC. a 3. Hind wing with vein. Checklist Australia Lepidoptera - identification guide - Discover Life. Curated hierarchies for Chloroclystis rectangulata Linnaeus 1758 this page. Chloroclystis acervicosta Prout 1958 Chloroclystis trichophora Hampson 1895. File:A34 20151209 166 24319470830.jpg media Commons. With the single exception of the type of Chloroclystis antarctica Hudson ab. Chloroclystis griseorufa tranquillata subsp. n. C. trichophora Hampson 1895. Geography and Life Sciences: Chapter 21265. Syncosmia trichophora.

Syncosmia trichophora pedia.

Chloroclystis ar ett slakte av fjarilar som beskrevs av Hubner 1825. tortuosa Chloroclystis tranquillata Chloroclystis trichophora Chloroclystis tridentata. Chloroclystis: CLASSIFICATION ADW. 3, Trichophora. 3, Tienshan Argali. 3, Actaeeae. 3, Braune Schabe 2, Choeradodinae. 2, Chloroclystis. 2, Chloroclysta. 2, Chlorocichla.

List of moths of India Geometridae wand.

Diduga haematomiformis, Diduga trichophora, Diego Vanassibara, Dieng Chlorisanis viridis, Chloroclystis acervicosta, Chloroclystis inaequata,. NEW SPECIES OF INDO AUSTRAUAN GEOMETRIDAE. Chloroclystis tranquillata Prout, 1958 Chloroclystis trichophora Hampson, 1895 Chloroclystis tridentata Fletcher, 1958 Chloroclystis tumefacta Prout, 1917​. Borneo Unionpedia, the concept map. Chloroclystis obturgescens is a moth in the Geometridae family. New!!: Borneo and Diduga trichophora. Diduga trichophora is a moth of the family Erebidae. Возможно, вы имели в виду:.

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