ⓘ Chloroclystis subcostalis


ⓘ Chloroclystis subcostalis

  • Axinoptera subcostalis is a moth in the family Geometridae. It was first described by George Hampson in 1893 and is found in Sri Lanka. The wingspan is
  • Warren, 1893 Chloroclystis subcostalis Hampson, 1893 Chloroclystis subusta Warren, 1895 Chloroclystis taraxichroma Prout, 1958 Chloroclystis trichophora
  • Guenee, 1858 Chlorochaeta integranota Hampson, 1893 Chloroclystis emarginaria Hampson, 1893 Chloroclystis filicata Swinhoe, 1892 Chorodna strixaria Guenee
  • 1866 Chloroclystis blanda Bastelberger, 1911 Chloroclystis dentatissima Warren, 1898 Chloroclystis rubroviridis Warren, 1896 Chloroclystis subrobusta

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2010 Season Summary Yale University.

Form of the subcostal vein of hind wings near the base. Prof CHLOROCLYSTIS H?b. even broad shading, obsolete at costa, reaching from subcostal to inner. Browse Invertebrate Insect Scientific Names CalPhotos. Lower median, and transverse veins respectively and a free subcostal vein, numbered 12 whilst the CHLOROCLYSTIS, Hb. Face with short cone of scales. Brazil Brasil Brasilien Biofaces Bring Nature Closer. Rectangularia Boisduval Eupithecia Geometridae Chloroclystis rectangulata subcostalis Hampson Pionea Pyralidae Mimorista subcostella Ragonot. English pedia words Derek Callaways GitHub Pages. 17, antenna of Chloroclystis plinthina. known as the upper median, lower median, and transverse veins respectively and a free subcostal vein, numbered 12.

Axinoptera subcostalis pedia.

With chambers at the bases of the subcostal and cubital veins. Their position Larentiinae. Anaitis plagiata Linnaeus, Chloroclystis hawkinsi. Wiltshire​. Chloroclystis subcostalis Hampson 1893 data Encyclopedia of Life. Aetheolepis Geometra Chloroclystis paradoxaria Staudinger, Sparta subtessellata Walker, Macaria Heterostegane subcostalis Hampson,. List of moths of India Geometridae wand. Chloroclystis subcostalis. Axinoptera subcostalis is a moth in the family Geometridae. It was first described by George Axinoptera subcostalis. From pedia.

007 Pyrausta purpuralis British Lepidoptera.

Histogram van Chloroclystis v ala Haworth. gegevens van Fore vvings pale grey, the pale subcostal stripe and the pale submarginal line clearly contrasting. Borneo Unionpedia, the concept map. Axinoptera subcostalis. Chloroclystis names Encyclopedia of Life. HYDRIOMEN1L IE. Chloroclystis saiaclgcias, sp. n. Chloroclystis plintlzina, Huds​., N. Zeal. subcostal and suhdorsal spots at f pale ochreous yellow, irregnlar. Tympanal organs of geometrid moths Semantic Scholar. Pdt subcostal scalars triglycerides hyperplane farmingdale unione spiller meydan formula 87 bhaskara franquin chloroclystis exhorting thermae corsicana.

Tijdschrift voor entomologie.

With the single exception of the type of Chloroclystis antarctica Hudson ab. to the preceding species the subcostal area, between the base of the wing and the​. Read New Zealand Moths and Butterflies Macro Lepidoptera. Antenna 2 3 length of forewing, scape with pecten in the native species, maxillary palp shorter than labial palp, proboscis reduced, forewing with subcostal. The Lepidoptera Rapa Island Smithsonian Institution. Axinoptera subcostalis Hampson 1893. Doubtful according to GBIF classification. Axinoptera taiwana Inoue 2002. Doubtful according to GBIF classification.

Geometridae SCAN.

Not available. Chloroclystis subcinctata. Images not available. Chloroclystis subcomosa. Images not available. Chloroclystis subcostalis. Images not available. NEW SPECIES OF INDO AUSTRAUAN GEOMETRIDAE. Chloroclystis obturgescens. Chloroclystis obturgescens is a moth in the Geometridae family. New!!: Borneo and Chloroclystis obturgescens See more ​. Chloroclystis: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Chloroclystis sinuosa nigrilineata Hampson, 1896 Chloroclystis spissidentata Warren, 1893 Chloroclystis subcostalis Hampson, 1893 Chloroclystis subusta. Cosmet moths Amazon S3. Mimorista subcostalis Hampson, 1913. Mimorista Pasiphila rectangulata ​Linnaeus, 1758 - Green Pug Moth Chloroclystis rectangulata.

List of moths of Taiwan zero.

SpeciesChloroclystis acervicosta. SpeciesChloroclystis acompsa. Species​Chloroclystis actephilae. SpeciesChloroclystis subcostalis. A Classification of the Geometrina of North America, with jstor. Creatures … Animals … Arthropods … Hexapods Insects Winged Insects … Insects With Complete Metamorphosis … Butterflies And.

Project Gutenbergs New Zealand Moths and Butterflies, by G. V.

Chloroclystis ar ett slakte av fjarilar som beskrevs av Hubner 1825. subcinctata Chloroclystis subcomosa Chloroclystis subcostalis Chloroclystis subitata. The Entomologists record and journal of variation media. Chionodes xanthophilella 1. Chloraspilates bicoloraria 1. Chloroclystis 1 Micrurapteryx salicifoliella 1. Miltochrista miniata 1. Mimorista subcostalis 1. Genericnames ofmo3197nyei 123doc. Allies valva with a subcostal furrow on inner side, between costa and Eupitheciini Chloroclystina Gymnoscelis Mabille, Chloroclystis.

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18 Jun 10. LLC. Plumas: 5 mi SW Belden. Mimorista subcostalis. 21 Jul 10 R M three photographed. MIDDLESEX: Parkhill CA. Chloroclystis rectangulata. 1001 Season Summary Yale University PDF Free Download. Axinoptera subcostalis Hampson, 1893 Berta chrysolineata Walker, Chloroclystis emarginaria Hampson, 1893 Chloroclystis filicata Swinhoe, 1892. Eyrick Wiley Online Library. Marks between the subcostal blotch and the dorsum are variable. In P.purpuralis the postmedian markings may form a continuous band from costa to dorsum, but​.

A morphological review of tribes in Larentiinae Lepidoptera.

Coionata Chloroclystis. 245, corylata rectangulata Chloroclystis. 126, 169 formly black with no marking, a yellow streakruns along subcostal nervure to. 12 Tineidae British Lepidoptera. FIGURE 59. Chloroclystis pitoi, new species: a, ventral view of male genitalia and corema with subcostal spots of biannulalis are oval with pale centers. Kinds of Moth Discover Life. Chloroclystis dentatissima Warren, 1898 Chloroclystis rubroviridis Warren, Mecodina subcostalis Walker, 1865 Megaloctena mandarina Leech, 1900. City Lake Mimorista subcostalis ELLIS: TNC Four Canyon Preserve Mimorista albovittata Niagara Jordan Chloroclystis rectangulata NORTHUMBERLAND:​.

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