ⓘ Chloroclystis scintillata


ⓘ Chloroclystis scintillata

  • Eupithecia perceptata Walker, 1866 Gymnoscelis nigella de Joannis, 1906 Chloroclystis metallicata T. B. Fletcher, 1910 Chloroclystis scintillata Prout 1932

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Geometridae. Chloroclystis scintillata Prout, 1932 x. Scopula homodoxa Meyrick, 1886 x. Hesperiidae. Badamia exclamationis Fabricius, 1775 x x. Lycaenidae. Download free Insects of the World list Photo. Casuariclystis is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae. It contains only one species, Casuariclystis latifascia, which is widespread. The range includes.

Biological disjunction along the West Caledonian fault, New.

Chloroclystis scintillata. 111. Gymnoscelis concinna. 112. Scardamia Chloroc lystis scintillata and Poecilasthena leucydra show no evident subspeciation but. Value histogram for n.binomial. Image of Chloroclystis approximata Chloroclystis aristias. Images not available. Chloroclystis athaumasta. Images not available Heliomata scintillata. Images. Get PDF New exotic Geometridae. A. scintillata is a junior subjective synonym of Drepana argenteola Moore, j the type species of Chloroclystis Hubner, the latter is thus available as a.


Eupithecia perceptata Walker, 1866 Gymnoscelis nigella de Joannis, 1906 Chloroclystis metallicata T. B. Fletcher, 1910 Chloroclystis scintillata Prout 1932​. Chloroclystis wand. Eupithecia dissobapta p.​108. Kinds of Moth Discover Life. Eupithecia latifascia, Eupithecia perceptata, Eupithecia inexplicata, Gymnoscelis nigella, Chloroclystis scintillata, Chloroclystis metallicata. SPECIES IN GENUS. Chloroclystis scintillata iNaturalist. Sahulana scintillata, 1. Neolucia hobartensis hobartensis, 1. Jalmenus eubulus, 1 Chloroclystis v ata, 1. Eupithecia pusillata, 1. Eupithecia lanceata, 1.

Retortamonas sp, Ancyromonas sigmoides,Apusomonas.

Chloroclystis scintillata Prout Plate 58: 10, Figure 54: 5. Chloroclystis scintillata Prout ROBINSON 1975: 277. Four specimens were taken, from Pic du Pin site. Fiji Lepidoptera Checklist. Chloroclystis gymnoseclides Janse 1917. Misapplied according to Chloroclystis acervicosta Prout 1958 Chloroclystis scintillata Prout 1932. Full text of The Generic names of moths of the world Internet Archive. Peacock Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria Blackberry Looper Chloroclystis ​Purple Hairstreak Sahulana scintillata Glistening Line Blue Satyrium behrii. Ix. a systematic account of the new caledonian macroheterocera. D, Chloroclystis scintillata. E, Caledophia pauli. F, the lizard. Bavayia pulchella ​dots and its putative sister species, B. exsuccida circles Diplodactylidae.

Novitates Zoologicae V38 123doc.

1914 Chloroclystis ruptiscripta Warren, 1904 Chloroclystis sandycias Meyrick, 1905 Chloroclystis sayata Holloway, 1976 Chloroclystis scintillata Prout, 1932. REFERENCES Springer Science Business Media Pages 1 42. Heliomata scintillata Ferguson, 2008. Hemimorina Pasiphila rectangulata ​Linnaeus, 1758 - Green Pug Moth Chloroclystis rectangulata. User:Ganeshbot Animalia Macrolepidoptera Page10 Visually. Scintillata Prout, 1932: 107 hemiprosopa Turner. Chloroclystis names Encyclopedia of Life. Chloroclystis ar ett slakte av fjarilar som beskrevs av Hubner 1825. sayata Chloroclystis scintillata Chloroclystis scotosema Chloroclystis semialbata.


Chalcopsitta scintillata Species citrine lorikeet chloroclystis retangulata Subspecies chloroclystis retangulata nigrosericeata Subspecies. Biological disjunction along the West Caledonian fault CiteSeerX. D, Chloroclystis scintillata. E, Caledophia pauli. F, the lizard Bavayia pulchella ​dots and its putative sister species, B. exsuccida circles. Arthropod fauna of Pagan Island Bishop Museum.

Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Geometridae.

SpeciesChloroclystis acervicosta. SpeciesChloroclystis acompsa. Species​Chloroclystis actephilae. SpeciesChloroclystis scintillata. Casuariclystis latifascia African Moths. 184, 211,redunca, Parallelia 183, 205, 476reducta, Comibaena 283 4 292 ​3regia, Thyas 478 scintillata, Chloroclystis 179, 210, 302retatalis,. Splendens,Calospilos sylvata,Charissa italohelveticus,Chloroclystis v ata,​Cilix duivenbodei,Pezoporus wallicus, Chalcopsitta scintillata,Coracopsis.

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