ⓘ Chloroclystis subtrigalba


ⓘ Chloroclystis subtrigalba

  • Chloroclystis infrazebrina is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found in India. The wingspan is about 18 mm. Adults are pale pinkish brown. The

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Full text of The Annals and magazine of natural history zoology.

557 Callabraxas trigoniplaga, Hmpsn 558 Gymnoscelis polyodonta, Sivinh 558 Chloroclystis Jilicata, Swinb. 558 C. rufinigra, Swinh 558 C. subtrigalba, Sivinh​. Green Pug names Encyclopedia of Life. Chloroclystis gymnoseclides Janse 1917. Misapplied according Chloroclystis acervicosta Prout 1958 Chloroclystis subtrigalba Swinhoe 1895. Chloroclystis names Encyclopedia of Life. Curated hierarchies for Chloroclystis rectangulata Linnaeus 1758 this page. Chloroclystis acervicosta Prout 1958 Chloroclystis subtrigalba Swinhoe 1895. Read the eBook Moths Volume 4 by George F. George Francis. SpeciesChloroclystis acervicosta. SpeciesChloroclystis acompsa. Species​Chloroclystis actephilae. SpeciesChloroclystis subtrigalba.

Chloroclystis infrazebrina pedia.

Chloroclystis infrazebrina. especie de insecto. Traditional Chloroclystis infrazebrina. taxon author George Francis Chloroclystis subtrigalba. 0 references. Chloroclystis: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Chloroclystis ingår i familjen matare. Chloroclystis subitata Chloroclystis subpalpata Chloroclystis subtrigalba Chloroclystis subtrita Chloroclystis subusta. Chloroclystis – pedia. Chloroclystis subtrigalba Swinhoe, 1895. Chloroclystis infrazebrina is a moth in the family Geometridae first described by George. Full text of Moths Internet Archive. Rufinigra Chloroclystis, 558. rufinota Hydrelia, 560. sinuosa Chloroclystis, 559. sinuosa Emodesa subtiliaria Eucrostes, 566. subtrigalba Chloroclys.

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Chloroclystis subtrigalba, sp. n. J?. Pale grey, marbled with olive grey fore wings with blackish brown patches on the costa in the disc, on the outer margin,​. Chloroclystis infrazebrina data. 1988 Chloroclystis subtrigalba Swinhoe, 1895 Chloroclystis suffusa Hudson, 1928 Chloroclystis suspiciosa Inoue, 1982 Chloroclystis sylleptria Prout, 1937.

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