ⓘ Chloroclystis luteata


ⓘ Chloroclystis luteata

  • Pasiphilodes luteata is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found on Borneo. The forewings have a pale golden - yellow ground colour with vinous - brown
  • Warren, 1896 Chloroclystis actephilae Prout, 1958 Chloroclystis acygonia Swinhoe, 1895 Chloroclystis admixtaria Walker, 1862 Chloroclystis atroviridis
  • Warren, 1897 Chlorissa attenuata Walker, 1862 Chloroclystis consocer Prout, 1937 Chloroclystis cryptolopha Prout, 1932 Chloroctenis conspersa Warren

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Chloroclystis gymnoseclides Janse 1917. Misapplied according to Chloroclystis acervicosta Prout 1958 Chloroclystis luteata Holloway 1976. Geometridae SCAN. Canadian Forestry Service Edmonton Eupithecia lariciata luteata, Pug ​Chloroclystis rectangulata will lay eggs only on the twigs of apple or other host. Geometroid Caterpillars of Northeastern and Semantic Scholar. Chloroclystis obturgescens. Chloroclystis obturgescens is a moth in the Geometridae family. New!!: Borneo and Chloroclystis obturgescens See more ​. Macro lepidoptera Folkestone Birding. Chloroclystis lunata. Images not available. Chloroclystis lunifera. Images not available. Chloroclystis luteata. Images not available. Chloroclystis macroaedeagus. The butterflies and larger moths. Testaceata 12 L luteata. NameFound:Chioroclystis rectangulata NameConfirmed:Chloroclystis rectangulata Linnaeus 1758 EOLID:277386.

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A junior objective synonym of Chloroclystis Hiibner. described from Stolls figure, as a form of H. limbolaria, unjustifiably emending the name to luteata. Pasiphilodes isophrica Mili, The Best pedia Reader. Chloroclystis chloerata Mab. in South Westmorland and North Lancashire, Ent. 1929 The food of Asthenia luteata. Entomologist. 62, 792, May, 112 113. Java Unionpedia, the concept map. Chloroclystis callinda Chloroclystis lunifera Chloroclystis macroaedeagus Chlorocoma octoplagiata Cleora acacicola Cleora dothionis Cleora illustraria​.

Brazil Brasil Brasilien Biofaces Bring Nature Closer.

Hydrelia flammeolaria. Hufn. luteata Schiff. Dwarf Pug. 884 Chloroclystis coroncita. Hubn. V Pug Hubn. Double striped Pug. 887a Chloroclystis chloerata. Data PLoS. Chloroclystis lunata Philpott, 1912 Chloroclystis lunifera Holloway, 1979 Chloroclystis luteata Holloway, 1976 Chloroclystis macroaedeagus Holloway, 1979. The Moths of the British Isles Second Series Index source, the. Packard, 1876. Eupithecia luteata Packard, 1867 Pasiphila rectangulata ​Linnaeus, 1758 - Green Pug Moth Chloroclystis rectangulata. Full text of The Generic names of moths of the world Internet Archive. Chloroclystis. Scientific classification e. Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum​: Arthropoda. Class: Insecta. Order: Lepidoptera. Family: Geometridae. Tribe: Eupitheciini. Genus: Pasiphilodes Warren, 1895. Pasiphilodes is a genus of moths in the family Geometridae first described by Warren in 1895. Pasiphilodes hypodela Pasiphilodes isophrica.

List of moths of India Geometridae pedia WordDisk.

Des especes de genres voisins, comme Chloroclystis ou Pasiphila portent aussi Eupithecia luteata Packard Eupithecia misturata Eupithecia mutata Pearsall. Borneo Unionpedia, the concept map. Возможно, вы имели в виду:. Chloroclystis: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Chloroclystis rectangulata Linnaeus 1758 Phalaena. Phalaena Eupithecia luteata Packard 1867 Syn. Chloroclystis inconspicua Hulst 1896 Syn. Pasiphilodes luteata pedia. Brazil, Pseudautomeris luteata, Saturniidae Canada, Eupithecia luteata, Geometridae. Canada Connecticut, Chloroclystis rectangularis, Geometridae.

Family Caterpillar species Plant Family Host plant species Site.

Chloroclystis coronata Chloroclystis filata Chloroclystis insigillata Chloroclystis metallospora Chloroclystis pyrrholopha Chloroclystis rectangulata. A Classification of the Geometrina of North America, with jstor. SpeciesChloroclystis luteata. SpeciesChloroclystis macroaedeagus. Species​Chloroclystis macrocheila. SpeciesChloroclystis maculata. SpeciesChloroclystis​. List of moths of Russia Geometroidea Bombycoidea Alchetron. 2011, Chloroclystis obturgescens, Insect, Local extinction, 3.457, Extinction, 4.757 2011, Pasiphila luteata, Insect, Persisting, 1.329, Persistence, 0.429.

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Subflexa 1 Chloridea virescens 3 Chloroclystis v ata 1 Chlorocoris tau 4 2 Pseudautomeris hubneri 1 Pseudautomeris luteata 20 Pseudobiceros. Download Dataset S05 XLSX PNAS. 189, 193, callinda, Chloroclystis 143, 179, 300 calliorrna, Casbia 321 193, lunulata, Hypoperigea 179, 420 luteata, Cofimpacia 179, 528,. A survey of the lepidoptera, biogeography and ecology of new. Lata Pseudautomeris luteata Pseudautomeris luteata Pseudodirphia agis Cepphis armataria Betulaceae Chloroclystis rectangulata Rosaceae Cladara.

Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Geometridae.

Pasiphilodes luteata is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found on Borneo. The forewings have a pale golden yellow ground colour with vinous brown markings. REFERENCES Springer Science Business Media Pages 1 42. V Pug Chloroclystis coronata. This is Phalæna v ata, Haworth, and also the V ​Pug of that author. A later English name for the species. Kinds of Moth Africa species Discover Life. Synonyms. Chloroclystis isophricaProut, 1926 Pasiphila isophrica Pasiphilodes luteata is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found on Borneo. File:Fr. Berges Schmetterlingsbuch nach dem gegenwartigen. Chloroclystis luteata Holloway, 1976 Pasiphila luteata. Pasiphilodes luteata is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found on Borneo. The forewings.

Cidaria Revolvy.

EUCHCECA LUTEATA, Schf. Occurs in all our larger woodlands and denser thickets. Bures, commonly in Bentley Woods, less about Ipswich. Bibliography Cumb nat hist MAY 2 birds doczz. 2011, Chloroclystis obturgescens, Insect, Local extinction, 21.993, 23.200, 1.207 2011, Pasiphila luteata, Insect, Persisting, 17.129, 18.200, 1.071, 19.100.

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Scopula quinquefasciata, Encryphia frontisignata, Chloroclystis scintillata 4. Idaea lateritica, Anisodes dalmatensis, Cofimpacia luteata, Stictoptera de. Chloroclystis names Encyclopedia of Life. Distinctata Staudinger, 1892 Cidaria fulvata Forster, 1771 – barred yellow Cidaria luteata Choi, Chloroclystis inductata is a moth of the family Geometridae. Pasiphilodes pedia. Chloroclystis exilipicta de Joannis, 1906 - Chloroclystis cryptoxantha de Joannis 1857 Hyperythra luteata Guene, 1858 Hyperythra penicillaria Guene, 1857.

Index of Lepidoptera.

Chloroclystis chloerata Mab. in South Westmorland and North Lancashire, 1929 The food of Asthenia luteata. Entomologist. 62, 792, May. LoEsm. S S. CHLOROCLYSTIS Hiibner. HttBNER 1241.18 32 Packard, C. 64 Hulst, Ent. Amer. iii.114, 1887 Ent. News, vi, 70, 1895.3272. luteata Packard, Proc. Bost.

Chloroclystis wand.

Chloroclystis acervicosta. Chloroclystis acervicosta is a moth in the family Geometridae. New!!: Java and Chloroclystis acervicosta See more. Read the eBook The genitalia of the group Geometridae of the. Hulstina wrightiaria. Eupithecia lasciva. The Lepidoptera of Suffolk by Suffolk Naturalists Society issuu. Chloroclystis ar ett slakte av fjarilar som beskrevs av Hubner 1825. lunata Chloroclystis lunifera Chloroclystis luteata Chloroclystis macroaedeagus.

The Moths of the British Isles Series II Project Gutenberg.

Chloroclystis. Fore wings 11 separate from 12.15. the U. S. Museum collection. 13. CHLOROCLYSTIS H?b. T. luteata Pack. T. hyperboreata Stgr. T. edna. J D Holloway BioNames. Chloroclysta siterata Hufnagel, 1767 Chloroclystis v ata Haworth, Cidaria luteata Choi, 1998 Cinglis humifusaria Eversmann, 1837. HOST PLANTS USED FOR ANALYSES IN DYER ET AL. 2007 Site. 2011, Chloroclystis obturgescens, Insect, Elevation, Contraction, Local extinction 2011, Pasiphila luteata, Insect, Elevation, Stable, Persisting, Expansion. Asthena luteata. Luteata, Schiff. 86. Valva rounded costa thickened sacculus produced, Chloroclystis coronata, Hb. 86. Valva narrow, wider below costa arched. Labides with.

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