ⓘ Chrysaeglia bipunctata


ⓘ Chrysaeglia bipunctata

  • Monosyntaxis bipunctata is a moth of the family Erebidae. It was described by George Thomas Bethune - Baker in 1904. It is found in New Guinea, where it
  • Chamaita hirta Wileman Chamaita ranruna Matsumura, 1927 Chrysaeglia magnifica Walker, 1862 Chrysaeglia taiwana Hampson, 1914 Chrysorabdia taiwana Wileman

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How To Pronounce Chrysaeglia How To Pronounce Chrysaeglia bipunctata How To Pronounce Chrysaeglia ferrifasciata How To Pronounce Chrysaeglia. Goldfinch lepidoptera at master google goldfinch GitHub. Chamaita trichopteroides Chloroclystis inductata Chrysaeglia magnifica Clepsis moeschleriana Cochylis salebrana Collix ghosha Collix inaequata. Popular Category:Moths of Japan Project Gutenberg Self Publishing. Nezara bipunctata, 885205, 210, species, Lagurus pallidus, ​6886, species, Chrysaeglia magnifica, 850384, 6887, species,. Category:Moths described in 1996 Visually. Adalia bipunctata, commonly known as the two spot ladybird, two spotted ladybug or two spotted lady Chrysaeglia is a genus of moths in the Arctiidae family.

Monosyntaxis bipunctata species.

Calamidia Callisthenia Castulo Cernyia Chamaita Chrysaeglia Chrysallactis Chrysochlorosia Chrysomesia Chrysorabdia Chrysoscota Clemensia. Catalogue of eastern and Australian Lepidoptera Heterocera in the. Chrysaeglia magnifica: Chrysaeglia magnifica. Chrysame ambigua: Chrysaeglia magnifica: 閃光苔蛾 Clovia bipunctata: 二點鏟頭沫蟬. Butterflies and Moths in Japan during Focus On Nature Tours. Synonyms. Chrysaeglia bipunctata Bethune Baker, 1904 original combination Monosyntaxis bipunctata Bethune Baker, 1904. DELETE FROM occurrences DELETE FROM collections DELETE. 32: 509. thau Type species: Adrallia bipunctata Walker, 1865, ibidem 32: 510, by monotypy.: CHRYSAEGLIA Butler, 1877, Trans, ent. Soc. Lond. Taxonomy browser Erebidae NCBI NIH. Lyclene bipunctata, ○. Eugoa distributa, ○. Ammatho Lyclene bizonoides, ○. Eugoa bipunctata, ○ Chrysorabdia disjuncta, ○. Chrysaeglia magnifica, ○.

Category:Moths described in 1862 Visually.

Gandhara serva​ unif asciata Megalognatha bipunctata. Merista oberthuri Physonychis. Animal name CH CN, 動物名CH CN, Animal name C, 動物名C. Minois dryas bipunctata HK HN KY C:65, but not necessarily this subspecies Bibasis aquilina chrysaeglia HK HN KY JBM:1 KJB:187​. Full text of The Generic names of moths of the world Internet Archive. Teulisna bipunctata, m 0ynxzdl. camerunia orphne eugoa bipunctata, m ​0zg8hjf. siederia listerella chrysaeglia magnifica, m 0hgqq 7. apha arisana​. Monosyntaxis bipunctata pedia. Chrysaeglia magnifica Chrysaeglia magnifica taiwana Chrysallactis Eugoa bipunctata Eugoa nr. obliquipuncta PC 2016 Eutane. How To Pronounce Chrysalides: Chrysalides pronunciation. Chrysaeglia xantha Chrysorthenches argentea Circobotys brevivittalis Cnaemidophorus horribilis Cochylimorpha bipunctata Cochylimorpha simplicis​. Taxonomy browser Lithosiini NCBI NIH.

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