ⓘ Choreutis melanifera


ⓘ Choreutis melanifera

  • Simonsen, T. Robinson, G. Pitkin, B. Hine, A. Lyal, C., eds. 2003 Choreutis multimarginata The Global Lepidoptera Names Index. Natural History Museum
  • 2650 - Choreutis pariana, apple leaf skeletonizer moth 2651 - Choreutis diana, Diana s choreutis moth 2652 - Choreutis betuliperda 2652.1 - Choreutis myllerana

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Classification of the Superfamily Sesioidea Semantic Scholar.

Caloreas melanifera 2641 Caloreas leucobasis 2642 Tebenna silphiella, 2649 Tebenna carduiella 2650 Choreutis pariana, apple leaf skeletonizer. Nomina insecta nearctica acanthopteroctetidae acrolophidae. Caloreas melanifera, 2. Caloreas molpastes, 1. Caloreas multimarginata, 1. Choreutis apocynoglossa, 2. Choreutis diana, 7. Prochoreutis sororculella, 1. Choreutis melanifera data. Species of insect. In more languages. Spanish. Choreutis melanifera. especie de insecto. Traditional Chinese. No label defined. No description defined. Chinese.

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Choreutis melanifera. Choreutis multimarginata. File:Mean. Choreutis hymenaea. Icetrack cycling. Wata, Huanuco Wata. Choreutis: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Ang Choreutis sakop sa kabanay nga Choreutidae. Choreutis leptilionella Choreutis leucobasis Choreutis loxotenes Choreutis melanifera Choreutis.

Choreutis fulminea names Encyclopedia of Life.

Melanifera, multimarginata, leucobasis, and augustella may be a single widespread species. 2652.01: Choreutis emplecta Turner, 1942 is now recognized within. Species Index j Nearctica. Choreutis multimarginata Braun, 1925 Choreutis melanifera Keifer, 1937. Caloreas multimarginata is a moth in the family Choreutidae. It was described by Annette.

Species Caloreas multimarginata Hodges 2640.

Choreutis melanifera Keifer 1937 Syn. Caloreas occidentella Dyar 1900 ​Choreutis. Caloreas schausiella Busck 1907 Choreutis. Choreutis Hubner 1825. Choreutis species. Choreutis fulminea Meyrick 1912 this page Choreutis batangensis Caradja 1940 Choreutis melanifera Keifer 1937 Choreutis.

Moths of Western North America PDF Free Download.

The moth, Choreutis melanifera Keif er, is of a metallic color with white and olivaceous scales and char acteristic, raised, leaden scale patches on the forewings. Choreutis wand. Melanifera Keifer Choreutis Choreutidae Caloreas multimarginata melanippe Stoll Papilio Pieridae Phoebis philea melanissima Inoue Parasemia Arctiidae ​. Microlepidoptera jstor. Choreutis augustella Clarke, Can. Ent., lxv, p. 91. Sixty seven shared with C. multimarginata Braum and C. melanifera Keifer. Genitalic characters furnish sure​. Caloreas multimarginata pedia. C. cunuligera – C. cyanogramma – C. diana – C. fulminea – C. hadrogastra – C. hyligenes – C. japonica – C. melanifera – C. mesolyma.

MPG Taxa Moth Photographers Group.

Melanifera Keifer, 1937 Choreutis. 580018 leucobasis 580030 myllerana of authors not Fabricius, 1794 Choreutis R - - - - - AB SK - - - - - - -. AnnotAted checklist of the moths And butterflies lepidopterA of. Caloreas melanifera Keifer, paratype California, Placer Co., Missouri Flat, 12.17 Choreutis diana Hubner Nevada, Lander Co., Kingston Canyon,. Choreutis pedia. Choreutis melanifera Keifer, 1937. Choreutis multimarginata Braun, 1925 1. Phylogenetic Sequence 580017. Size. Wingspan: 12 mm 1. Full text of The artichoke plume moth and other pests injurious to. Caloreas, multimarginata fm melanifera, Kneeland, 69 Prairie Ln, Humboldt, R. Wielgus, May 13 2003, UCB. 16392, Choreutis, betuliperda, Inverness, Marin.

Choreutis sexfasciella Sauber 1902 names Encyclopedia of Life.

Powell & Opler 1996:122 treated Caloreas melanifera as a species but Dianas Choreutis Moth, Choreutoidea, Choreutidae, Choreutinae. 70 Essig Museum of Entomology Collections University of. Choreutis lapidaria Choreutis leptilionella Choreutis leucobasis Choreutis loxotenes Choreutis melanifera Choreutis merzoccai Choreutis mesolyma.

List of moths of North America MONA 2312–2700.1 Visually.

Melanifera Keifer, 1937:338, Choreutis. N occidentella Dyar, 1900:86, Choreutis. NL pelinobasis Walsingham, 19 0, Porpe. N,NL schausiella ​Busck. Mapping The United States Scribd. Unidentified Choreutid Moths Choreutis betuliperda Choreutis diana – Dianas Choreutis Moth Choreutis myllerana Choreutis pariana – Apple Leaf.

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