ⓘ Choreutis multimarginata


ⓘ Choreutis multimarginata

  • Robinson, G. Pitkin, B. Hine, A. Lyal, C., eds. 2003 Choreutis multimarginata The Global Lepidoptera Names Index. Natural History Museum. Retrieved
  • 2650 - Choreutis pariana, apple leaf skeletonizer moth 2651 - Choreutis diana, Diana s choreutis moth 2652 - Choreutis betuliperda 2652.1 - Choreutis myllerana

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Caloreas multimarginata species.

Choreutis Hemerophila alpinella Busck Hemerophila angustipennis Dognin Hemerophila dyari Busck Caloreas multimarginata Braun 1925 Caloreas. California Plants as Resources for Lepidoptera CNPS. Dyar, 1900. Caloreas multimarginata Braun, 1925 Fabricius, 1794. Choreutis pariana Clerck, 1759 - Apple Leaf Skeletonizer Moth. AnnotAted checklist of the moths And butterflies lepidopterA of. 2640, Caloreas multimarginata 2651, Choreutis diana, Dianas Choreutis Moth. 2652, Choreutis betuliperda. 2652.01, Choreutis cf. sexfasciella.

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Similar Brenthia, Choreutis, Choreutis pariana, Taxillus leucobasis Dyar, 1900​ Caloreas loxotenes Walsingham, 1914 Caloreas multimarginata Braun,. Category:Choreutidae Visually. Caloreas multimarginata. Pigeon Roost, Mississippi Caloreas occidentella. Caloreas Choreutis cyanogramma. Choreutis cyanotoxa. Caloreas multimarginata pedia. Choreutidae: Dianas Choreutis diana, Canada. Drepanidae: Arched Choreutidae: Caloreas multimarginata. Cosmopterigidae:.

Caloreas Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia.

Caloreas multimarginata, 1. Choreutis apocynoglossa, 2. Choreutis diana, 7. Prochoreutis sororculella, 1. Tebenna balsamorrhizella, 1. Tebenna gemmalis, 1. Essig Museum of Entomology Collections. SpeciesChoreutis multimarginata. SpeciesChoreutis occidentella. Species​Choreutis ochrilactea. SpeciesChoreutis ohiensis. SpeciesChoreutis onustana.


Choreutis fulminea Meyrick 1912 this page Choreutis batangensis Caradja 1940 Choreutis multimarginata Braun 1925 Choreutis. Choreutis wand. Choreutis of authors not Choreutis Hiibner, which replaces Eutromula Frolich. OFFICIAL multimarginata Braun, 19 3, Choreutis melanifera Keifer. 70 Essig Museum of Entomology Collections University of. Choreutis moniligera Choreutis monognoma Choreutis montelli Choreutis multimarginata Choreutis occidentella Choreutis ochrilactea Choreutis ohiensis​. Volume Information JStor. Caloreas multimarginata is a moth in the Choreutidae family. Synonyms. Choreutis multimarginataBraun, 1925 Choreutis melaniferaKeifer, 1937. Nomina insecta nearctica acanthopteroctetidae acrolophidae. Caloreas leucobasis Dyar 1900 Choreutis. Caloreas multimarginata Braun 1925 Choreutis. Choreutis melanifera Keifer 1937 Syn. Caloreas occidentella.

Choreutis fulminea names Encyclopedia of Life.

Caloreas multimarginata Braun, 1925. 0615. Caloreas Choreutis betuliperda Dyar, 1902 another apple pest, perhaps Choreutis pariana Clerck. 1347. North American Moths – Choreutidae Moth Photographers Group. Choreutidae: Dianas Choreutis diana, Canada. Drepanidae: Arched Choreutidae: Caloreas multimarginata. Noctuidae: Alfalfa. Caloreas multimarginata Mili, The Free Encyclopedia. Choreutis pariana Clerck Apple and Thorn Skeletonizer is a European Other species known from the province are Caloreas multimarginata Braun and. The Lepidoptera Families and Associated Orders of British Columbia. Apple Leaf Skeletonizer Moth Choreutis pariana 22105 genus: Caloreas species: multimarginata sex: location: Missouri Flat county: Placer.

Caloreas names Encyclopedia of Life.

Butalis see albilineata. Choreutis see augustella, mela nifera, multimarginata cladothricis, Belomicrus, Oxybe lus 42, 64, 213 clearista, Athesis. Moth Photographers Group – Plate 07 – Choreutidae Cossidae. Choreutis multimarginata Braun, 1925 Choreutis melanifera Keifer, 1937. Caloreas multimarginata is a moth in the family Choreutidae. It was described by Annette. Lepidoptera Lep Log. 580017 multimarginata Braun, 1925 Choreutis 580030 myllerana of authors not Fabricius, 1794 Choreutis R - - - - - AB SK - - - - - - -. Species Caloreas multimarginata Hodges 2640. This page was last edited on 5 August 2019, at. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License additional terms may apply.

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Caloreas multimarginata Braun, 1925. M Jun – M R H Choreutis diana ​Hubner, 1819. Apr – May Choreutis sp. nr. myllerana Fabricius, 1794. Jul. – b g. An annotated list of the Lepidoptera of Alberta, Canada CiteSeerX. Melanijera, Choreutis 1937b Caloreas, subjective syn. of multimarginata Braun​ neopetrella, Gnorimoschema 1936b Exceptia ontariensis, Xenolechia.


Synonyms and other taxonomic changes. Caloreas multimarginata Braun, 1925 ​. Choreutis melanifera Keifer, 1937. Choreutis multimarginata. Full text of Occasional paper Internet Archive. 0620 Choreutis diana Hubner, 614 multipulvella. California Plants as Resources for Lepidoptera Kate Marianchild. Caloreas, multimarginata fm melanifera, Kneeland, 69 Prairie Ln, Humboldt, R. Wielgus, May 13 2003, UCB. 16392, Choreutis, betuliperda, Inverness, Marin.

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