ⓘ Choreutis schausiella


ⓘ Choreutis schausiella

  • T. Robinson, G. Pitkin, B. Hine, A. Lyal, C., eds. 2003 Choreutis schausiella The Global Lepidoptera Names Index. Natural History Museum. Retrieved
  • 2650 - Choreutis pariana, apple leaf skeletonizer moth 2651 - Choreutis diana, Diana s choreutis moth 2652 - Choreutis betuliperda 2652.1 - Choreutis myllerana

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Schausiella Bouvier 1930 Genus. Scolesa Michener 1949 Genus. Sculna Wallengren Choreutidia Sauber 1902 Genus. Choreutis H bner1825 ​Genus. SCAN Image Library SCAN Bugs. Argyria schausella Dyar,l9l4 Pyralidae 1147 Argyrotaenia fletcheriella K6hler,​l939 Choreutis schausiella Busck,l907 Choreutidae 2789 Choristoneura. Classification of the Superfamily Sesioidea Semantic Scholar. Chondrostega Choneiulus Chonocephalus Chopardempusa Choragus Choranthus Chorenta Choreutis Chorilia Chorinea Chorisoneura Chorisops. Choreutis sexfasciella Sauber 1902 names Encyclopedia of Life. Caloreas schausiella. Dean Charles Chapman Caloreas tacubayella. Self publishing company. Salluit, Quebec Choreutis amethystodes.

Full text of Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara, Cesa News Nr.

AllLeps:685 Choreutoidea Choreutidae Choreutinae Caloreas schausiella AllLeps:687 Choreutoidea Choreutidae Choreutinae Choreutis diana BMNA. USER:TREICHAR LIST OF MOTHS LISTED AT MPG Information. Schausiella santarosensis, 1. Syssphinx colla, 1. Syssphinx molina, 1. Titaea tamerlan, 1 Choreutis pariana, 1. Cingilia catenaria, 1. Euchlaena tigrinaria, 1. V.8 1906 1907 Proceedings of the Entomological Society of. SpeciesChoreutis schausiella. SpeciesChoreutis semiclara. SpeciesChoreutis sexfasciella. SpeciesChoreutis sibirica. SpeciesChoreutis silphiella.

Category:Choreutidae stubs Visually.

Choreutis schausiella Busck, 1907. Caloreas schausiella is a moth in the family Choreutidae. It was described by August Busck in. Classifications Browser uBio. Curated hierarchies for Choreutis sexfasciella Sauber 1902 Choreutis bathysema Diakonoff 1978 Choreutis blandinalis Choreutis schausiella Busck 1907.

Mariposas Biofaces Bring Nature Closer.

Caloreas schausiella Busck, 1907. Choreutis betuliperda Dyar, 1902. Choreutis diana Hubner, 1819 - Dianas Choreutis Moth Tebenna. Moth Photographers Group – Plate 07 – Choreutidae Cossidae. 1834 Rhinecanthus 204 1834 Choreutis 606 1833 Trioza 1505 1833 3 30 Schausiella 30 Neopalpa 2 30 Inopsis 3 30 Hallomenus 10 30. 2016 10 24:27.974 INFO reading. opentree7.2. Choreutis japonica Soybean Looper Chrysodeixis includens Moth Chytonix griseorufa Moth Schausiella janeira Moth Scolesa hypoxantha Smoky Wave Moth.

Species Index r Nearctica.

Choreutis schausiella Busck 1907 Coniopteryx angusta Banks, 1906 Coniopteryx vicina Hagen, 1861 Dendroctonus piceaperda Malacomyza. View file. 2638, Caloreas schausiella. 2639, Caloreas 2651, Choreutis diana, Dianas Choreutis Moth. 2652, Choreutis betuliperda. 2652.01, Choreutis cf. sexfasciella.

Caloreas multimarginata Mili, The Free Encyclopedia.

Caloreas schausiella. Language Watch Edit. TaxonavigationEdit. Taxonavigation: Choreutoidea. Superregnum: Eukaryota Regnum: Animalia Subregnum:. Clodius Parnassian Parnassius clodius Parnassius Parnassiinae. Schausi Rothschild Halisidota Arctiidae Halysidota schausiella Busck Choreutis Choreutidae Caloreas scheba Plotz Eudamus Hesperiidae Aguna asander. Caloreas schausiella species. Caloreas pelinobasis Caloreas schausiella Caloreas tacubayella Caloreas venusta Choreutis achyrodes Choreutis aegyptiaca Choreutis.

Choreutis wand.

An Choreutis in nahilalakip ha familia nga Choreutidae. sachalinensis Choreutis schausiella Choreutis semiclara Choreutis sexfasciella Choreutis sibirica. Caloreas Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia. Braun, 1925. Synonyms. Choreutis multimarginataBraun, 1925 Choreutis melaniferaKeifer, 1937 Caloreas schausiella is a moth in the family Choreutidae. Mapping The United States Scribd. The Mexican Choreutis schausiella Busck, from Las Vigas, Mexico, but erroneously stated to be from New Mexico Busck, 1906, is likewise similar to C. Caloreas schausiella species media. Species: Caloreas schausiella. NameEdit. Caloreas schausiella Busck, 1907. Type locality: USA, Mt. Baker SynonymsEdit. Choreutis schausiella Dyar, 1907​. Choreutis: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Unidentified Choreutid Moths Choreutis betuliperda Choreutis diana – Dianas Choreutis Moth Choreutis myllerana Choreutis pariana – Apple Leaf. Kinds of Moth Discover Life. Similar Brenthia, Choreutis, Choreutis pariana, Taxillus 1914 Caloreas schausiella Busck, 1907 Caloreas tacubayella Kearfott, 1908 Caloreas venusta. Value histogram for n.binomial. BOLD AAC3513 ott5027547 Replacing Schausiella nr. spitzi BOLD AAU7995 ott653910 Replacing Choreutis cf. anthorma.

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