ⓘ Choreutis hadrogastra


ⓘ Choreutis hadrogastra

  • Prochoreutis hadrogastra is a moth in the family Choreutidae. It was described by Alexey Diakonoff in 1978. It is found in Japan and the Russian Far East
  • Linnaeus, 1767 アコウハマキモドキ - Choreutis achyrodes Meyrick, 1912 和名未定 - Choreutis amethystodes Meyrick, 1914 ニレハマキモドキ - Choreutis atrosignata Christoph
  • Choreutis atrosignata Christoph, 1888 Choreutis diana Hubner, 1822 Choreutis nemorana Hubner, 1799 Choreutis pariana Clerck, 1759 Choreutis vinosa

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Choreutis wand.

Choreutis hadrogastra Diakonoff 1978 Choreutis hestiarcha Meyrick 1912 Choreutis holotoxa Meyrick 1903 Choreutis hymenaea Meyrick 1909 Choreutis​. Full text of Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara Priamus. Choreutis enantia Choreutis extrincicella Choreutis falsifica Choreutis fulminatrix Choreutis gemmalis Choreutis gnaphaliella Choreutis hadrogastra. Choreutis species. SpeciesChoreutis hadrogastra. SpeciesChoreutis hestiarcha. SpeciesChoreutis holotoxa. SpeciesChoreutis hymenaea. SpeciesChoreutis hypocroca. Choreutis: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Choreutis of authors not Choreutis Hiibner, which replaces Eutromula Frolich. OFFICIAL N dation. P hadrogastra Diakonoff, 1978a: 11, Choreutis new. O. Mapping The United States Scribd. Prochoreutis hadrogastra is a moth in the Choreutidae family. It was described by Alexey Diakonoff in 1978. Synonyms. Choreutis hadrogastraDiakonoff, 1978.

List of moths of Russia Choreutoidea Thyridoidea Visually.

Diakonoff, 1978. Synonyms. Choreutis arisemaDiakonoff, 1978 Prochoreutis hadrogastra is a moth in the family Choreutidae. It was described by Alexey. Prochoreutis arisema Mili, The Free Encyclopedia. Similar Prochoreutis myllerana, Choreutis, Choreutidae, Choreutis 1900 Prochoreutis hadrogastra Diakonoff, 1978 Prochoreutis halimora. Prochoreutis hadrogastra Mili, The Free Encyclopedia. Chionocosma – C. cunuligera – C. cyanogramma – C. diana – C. fulminea – C. hadrogastra – C. hyligenes – C. japonica – C. melanifera. Choreutoidea Thyridoidea Visually. Species, Choreutis isshikii Matsumura Tebenna micalis was first reported. likovsky, P. hadrogastra Diakonoff, and P. subdelicta Arita, are reported for the​.

Choreutoidea Thyridoidea World Heritage Encyclopedia.

Choreutis chadzhaeri Gerasimov,i930 Choreutidae 250. Prochoreutis hadrogastra Diakonoff,i978 Choreutidae Synonym s hadrogastra Diakonoff,​ig78. Category:Alexey Diakonoff taxa species. This is a list of the Russian moth species of the superfamilies Choreutoidea, Urodoidea, Anthophila fabriciana Linnaeus, 1767 Anthophila filipjevi Danilevsky, 1969 Choreutis atrosignata Christoph, 1888 Prochoreutis alpina Arita, 1976 Prochoreutis anikini Budashkin, 2006 Prochoreutis hadrogastra ​Diakonoff,. Prochoreutis Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia. Choreutis hadrogastra Diakonoff, 1978. Prochoreutis hadrogastra is a moth in the family Choreutidae. It was described by Alexey. Choreutis sexfasciella Sauber 1902 names Encyclopedia of Life.

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