ⓘ Choreutis sachalinensis


ⓘ Choreutis sachalinensis

  • Prochoreutis sachalinensis is a moth in the family Choreutidae. It was described by Aleksandr Sergeievich Danilevsky in 1969. It is found on Sakhalin
  • Choreutis atrosignata Christoph, 1888 Choreutis diana Hubner, 1822 Choreutis nemorana Hubner, 1799 Choreutis pariana Clerck, 1759 Choreutis vinosa

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Fabriciana sachalinensis species Fabriciana sardonia species Fabriciana British Genera: Anthophila, Choreutis, Prochoreutis, Tebenna SUPERFAMILY. Prochoreutis Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia. Choreutis sachalinensis Christa Schumann Lottman Christian Southeast Asia Christmas Hills, Tasmania Christmas in Connecticut Christmas Lunch Incident​.

Choreutis fulminea names Encyclopedia of Life.

Activator activity: harpin protein, Reynoutria sachalinensis extract L3 C. suppressalis, C. partellus Choreutis pariana, Choristoneura spp. BISON Scientific Names C USGS Bison. SynonymsEdit. Prochoreutis sachalinensis Danilevsky, 1969 Choreutis calliclisa Diakonoff, 1978 synonymized by Diakonoff, 1984: 64.


Choreutis sachalinensis Danilevsky, 1969 Choreutis calliclisa Diakonoff, 1978. Prochoreutis sachalinensis is a moth in the family Choreutidae. It was described by Aleksandr. Choreutis species. Horni Choragus sheppardi Chorda filum Choreutis diana Choreutis pariana Clavariadelphus pistillaris Clavariadelphus sachalinensis Clavariadelphus.


Similar Prochoreutis myllerana, Choreutis, Choreutidae, Choreutis 2003 Prochoreutis radians Diakonoff, 1978 Prochoreutis sachalinensis. Fabriciana definition meaning. C Sakhalin fir S Abies veitchii var. sachalinensis ABIVE E 78262: N Abies budworm S Archips pinus CHOPN E 687022: N Choreutis pariana C Apple. US Patent Application for PESTICIDAL MIXTURE COMPRISING A. Camponotus sachalinensis Camponotus salvini Choreutis sexfasciella Chorilia longipes Chorinea amazon Cicindela sachalinensis Cicindela safraneki. Species Index r Nearctica. Anthophila filipjevi Danilevsky, 1969 Choreutis atrosignata Christoph, 1888 Prochoreutis sachalinensis Danilevsky, 1969 Prochoreutis sehestediana. Choreutis sexfasciella Sauber 1902 names Encyclopedia of Life. Map of Cerasus rhamnoides Map of Cerasus sachalinensis Map of Choreutis balsamorrhizella Map of Choreutis Map of Clavariadelphus sachalinensis.

Classification of the Superfamily Sesioidea Semantic Scholar.

Choreutis batangensis Caradja,i940 Choreutidae 2866. Choreutis Dasychira sachalinensis Matsumura,i93i Lymantriidae 11 May 2017 3137. Dasychira. UniProt Knowledgebase: Swiss Prot Protein Knowledgebase. Sachalinensis Matsumura Kara Noctuidae Parascotia fuliginaria sackenii Grote Plusia schausiella Busck Choreutis Choreutidae Caloreas scheba Plotz.

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Cerasus sachalinensis Cerasus serotina montana Choreutis balsamorrhizella Choreutis busckiella Choreutis occidentella Choreutis piperella. SCAN Image Library SCAN Bugs. Choreutis calliclisa. Choreutis sachalinensis. Falling film column. Aagaardtoppen Solryggen The Boondocks season 4. BAND social network. Substituted succinimide derivatives as pesticides SumoBrain. Choreutis vinosa, m 010gl7y5. prochoreutis kurokoi, m choreutis flavimaculata, m 0glrkxx. jordanita tenuicornis asthena sachalinensis, m ​0w61t3r.

Species Maps Sti.

Curated hierarchies for Choreutis sexfasciella Sauber 1902 Choreutis bathysema Diakonoff 1978 Choreutis sachalinensis Danilevsky 1970. Goldfinch lepidoptera at master google goldfinch GitHub. Choreutis fulminea Meyrick 1912 this page. BOLD:AAA3330 Choreutis batangensis Caradja 1940 Choreutis sachalinensis Danilevsky 1970. List of moths of Russia Choreutoidea Thyridoidea Visually. Activator activity: harpin protein, Reynoutria sachalinensis extract C. suppressalis, C. partellus Choreutis pariana, Choristoneura spp. Kasutaja:WikedKentaur Elurikkus Eesti liigid wand. Prochoreutis sachalinensis species.

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