ⓘ Chresmarcha patarea


ⓘ Chresmarcha patarea

  • name Chionothremma pythia Meyrick, 1920 Synonyms Chresmarcha pythia Meyrick, 1920 Chresmarcha delia Meyrick, 1924 Chresmarcha patarea Meyrick, 1924

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Chresmarcha delia Meyrick, 1924 Chresmarcha patarea Meyrick, 1924. Chionothremma pythia is a species of moth of the family Tortricidae. It is found in New Guinea. How To Pronounce Chrestia: Chrestia pronunciation. In my above cited paper the genera Chresmarcha and Zacorisca were fused suffusion in patarea palpi orange, black tipped, yellow suffusion small, faint. Chionothremma pythia pedia. London, 80: 109. daphnaea CHRESMARCHA I924, Exotic Microlepidoptera, TINEA patarea PTTDT7CHf A D TT A CHKEbMAKCHA paienata A C K U L, h,. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Tortricidae. How To Pronounce Chresmarcha delphica How To Pronounce Chresmarcha enaemargyrea How To Pronounce Chresmarcha patarea How To Pronounce. How To Pronounce chrestomatie: chrestomatie pronunciation. Chionothremma patarea Chionothremma placida Chresmarcha delphica Chresmarcha enaemargyrea Chresmarcha sybillina Chrysoxena. Full text of Catalogue of the types specimens of Microlepidoptera in.

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