ⓘ Cacoecia permutata


ⓘ Cacoecia permutata

  • Genus: Homona Species: H. eductana Binomial name Homona eductana Walker, 1863 Synonyms Pandemis eductana Walker, 1863 Cacoecia permutata Meyrick, 1928

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I am satisfied that Cacoecia permutata Meyrick is a junior synonym. pi. 12 fig. 65, pi. 20 figs. 95, 96a Cacoecia. The Insect pest survey bulletin University of Florida Digital. To Pronounce Cacoecia permutata How To Pronounce Cacoecia phaedra How To Pronounce Cacoecia philippa How To Pronounce Cacoecia pomivora. Pronouncekiwi How To Pronounce Cacoecia celsana. Baggiolini, M. Contibution a letude de Cacoecia rosana L. lepidoptere tortricide New record of Homona permutata Meyrick Tortricidae: Lepidoptera on fruit.

The Insect pest survey bulletin UF Digital Collections University of.

Cacoecia argyrospilar Walk. - - - - - - - - - Cacoecia rosaceana ​Harr. - - - - - - - - - - Cacoecia semiferana Walk. - - - - - - - - - - - Calandra. Pronouncekiwi How To Pronounce Cacoecia isozona. Species: H. eductana. Binomial name. Homona eductana. Walker, 1863. Synonyms. Pandemis eductana Walker, 1863 Cacoecia permutata Meyrick, 1928. Full text of Tortricidae From Atjeh, Northern Sumatra Lepidoptera. Aphrophora permutata Uhl. Aphrophcra salicis DeG. Cacoecia argyrospila Walk. Cacoecia rosaceana Harr. Calendra aequalis Gyll. Read Microsoft Word. 1416, 35097, Aphrophora permutata, HOMOPTERA, Cercopidae, L.M. Russell 2757, 17299, Cacoecia cerasivorana, LEPIDOPTERA, Tortricidae, C. Heinrich.

Full text of Catalogue of the types specimens of Microlepidoptera in.

Archips permutata Meyrick, new combination Plate 22, Figures 4 4b Cacoecia permutata Meyrick, 1928, Exotic Microlepidoptera, 3: 457. J. 24 27 mm. Homona eductana pedia.

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