ⓘ Chresmarcha daphnaea


ⓘ Chresmarcha daphnaea

  • Zacorisca daphnaea is a species of moth of the family Tortricidae. It is found on New Guinea. The wingspan is 22 30 mm. The forewings are bluish white
  • chrysomelopa Meyrick, 1927 Zacorisca cyprantha Meyrick, 1924 Zacorisca daphnaea Meyrick, 1924 Zacorisca delphica Meyrick, 1910 Zacorisca digna Razowski

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Chreschtlech Sozial Vollekspartei How To Pronounce Chresmarcha How To Pronounce Chresmarcha daphnaea How To Pronounce Chresmarcha delia. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Tortricidae. Daphnaea Meyrick, 1924 Chresmarcha, Exotic Microlepid. 3: 110. TL: New Guinea, British New Guinea Biagi, Mambare River, Hydrographer Mountains.

Zacorisca species.

London, 80: 109. daphnaea CHRESMARCHA I924, Exotic Microlepidoptera, 3: 110. daricella CROBYLOPHORA l88l, Proc. Linnean Soc. N.S. Wales, 5 178. How To Pronounce chrestomatie: chrestomatie pronunciation. Tortricidae. Genus: Zacorisca. Species: Z. daphnaea. Binomial name. Zacorisca daphnaea. Meyrick, 1924. Synonyms. Chresmarcha daphnaea Meyrick, 1924.

Zacorisca pedia.

Tortricidae. Subfamily: Tortricinae. Tribe: Archipini. Genus: Zacorisca. Meyrick, 1910. Synonyms. Chresmarcha Meyrick, 1910 Megalodoris Meyrick, 1912. Full text of Catalogue of the types specimens of Microlepidoptera in. Chresmarcha delphica Chresmarcha enaemargyrea Chresmarcha sybillina Chrysoxena Zacorisca daphnaea Zacorisca electrina Zacorisca. How To Pronounce Chrestia: Chrestia pronunciation. Aquamarina – Z. basilica – Z. bovisanguis – Z. chrysomelopa – Z. cyprantha – Z. daphnaea – Z. delphica Chresmarcha Meyrick, 1910. Возможно, вы имели в виду:.

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