ⓘ Cidaria illitata


ⓘ Cidaria illitata

  • Evecliptopera decurrens excurrens Prout, 1930 Evecliptopera decurrens illitata Wileman, 1911 Japan Evecliptopera decurrens insurgens Prout, 1930

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Taxonomy browser Larentiinae NCBI NIH.

Chrysolarentia sp. ANIC3 Chrysolarentia sp. ANIC4 Cidaria fulvata Eustroma sp. BOLD:AAA6332 Evecliptopera illitata Fueguina. With an Implication of Wing Pattern Evolution CiteSeerX. Evecliptopera illitata, 1. Lobogonodes erectaria, 1. Nothoporinia mediolineata, 1 Cidaria fulvata, 1. Plemyria rubiginata, 1. Nebula nebulata, 1. Gandaritis. Geometridae SCAN. Images not available. Cidaria basochesiata. Images Image of Cidaria fulvata. Cidaria hortulanaria. Images not available. Ecliptopera illitata. Images.

How To Pronounce Cidaria assata: Cidaria assata pronunciation.

Cidaria fulvata Cirrolygris nr. cecilia BOLD:ACF7278 Cirrolygris Evecliptopera illitata Fueguina varians Gagitodes. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Geometridae. 152 CIDARIA. By L. B. Prout. centrostriga ria. polygram mata. fas data, triangulata. mesotypata. triangulife¬ ra. decurrens. excurrens. insargens. illitata. capitata.

Evecliptopera pedia.

A Probable Specimen of Cidaria concinnata. 334 Ilema, 393 Illiberis, 398 illitata Cidaria, 324 illiturata Thahissodes, 343 illudcns Tachytes, 98 illustrata​. Taxonomy browser Geometridae NCBI NIH. Cliptopera illitata F. Eustroma reticulatum G. Eustroma aerosum H. Eustroma melancholicum I. Cidaria fulvata, and Lampropteryx suffumata. Full text of Transactions of the Entomological Society of London. Cidaria decurrens Moore, 1888 Cidaria oblongata Walker, 1862 Ecliptopera acreta Prout, 1940 Ecliptopera excurrens Prout, 1930 Cidaria illitata Wileman,. How To Pronounce Cidaria veletaria: Cidaria veletaria pronunciation.

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