ⓘ Chlorogaurena


ⓘ Chlorogaurena

  • Lepidoptera Family: Drepanidae Genus: Gaurena Walker, 1865 Synonyms Chlorogaurena Houlbert, 1921 Cyclogaurena Houlbert, 1921 Griseogaurena Houlbert, 1921

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Chlorodrepana rothi Warren, 1899 Chlorodrepana sellata Gaede, 1917 Chlorogaurena Houlbert, 1921 Chlorogaurena florens Walker, 1865 Chloroglyphica. Gaurena species. Chlorogaurena Houlbert 1921 Genus. Chymatophora Guen e 1837 Genus. Cilix Leach 1815 Genus. Cilyx Blanchard 1840 Genus. Cleopteryx Gistl 1848​. Gaurena pedia. Chlorogaurena Houlbert, 1921 Cyclogaurena Houlbert, 1921 Griseogaurena Houlbert, 1921. Gaurena is a genus of moths belonging to the subfamily Thyatirinae of the Drepanidae. Full text of The Generic names of moths of the world Internet Archive. Chlorogaurena Houlbert, 1921, in Oberthur, Etudes de Lepidopterologie Comparee 18 2 130. TS: Gaurena florens Forbes, 1936, Annales of. User:Ganeshbot Animalia Macrolepidoptera Page10 Visually. CHLOROGAURENA Houlbert, 1921. See Gaurena Walker, 1865. THYA CHLOROGLYPHICA Warren, 1894, Novit. zool. 1 387. GEOM Type species: Loxochila.

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