ⓘ Chrysopoloma citrina


ⓘ Chrysopoloma citrina

  • Robinson, G. Pitkin, B. Hine, A. Lyal, C., eds. 2003 Stenoglene citrina The Global Lepidoptera Names Index. Natural History Museum. Retrieved
  • Baria elsa Druce, 1887 Casphalia citrimaculata Aurivillius, 1905 Chrysopoloma citrina Druce, 1886 Gavara lamborni Bethune - Baker, 1915 Hadraphe aprica

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Stenoglene citrinus Mili, The Free Encyclopedia.

Butterflies moths left to right Trosia bicolor, Chrysopoloma similis, Dalcera abrasa Mixed lamellar and piliform scales of Acraga citrina male, ventral forewing. List of moths of Nigeria wand. Subject: Bunaea pygela Antheraea dolabella. Chrysopoloma rosea Chrysopoloma citrina description and notes: hand colored lithograph printed by Hanhart.

Page 803 J. Willard Marriott Digital Library University of Utah.

Chrysopoloma citrina Druce, 1886 Stenoglene citrina Druce, 1886. Stenoglene citrinus is a moth in the family Eupterotidae. It was described by Druce in 1886. Chrysopoloma rudis African Moths. This pretty little species is allied to Chrysopoloma obtusa, Walker, also from East Africa. Chrysopoloma citrina, sp. n. Plate XXXVIll. fig. 4. Primaries pale yellow. List of moths of Nigeria Visually. Chrysopoloma bicolor Chrysopoloma nigromaculata Hering. Discover Life mobile. Family: Eupterotidae. Genus: Stenoglene. Species: S. citrinus. Binomial name. Stenoglene citrinus. Druce, 1886. Synonyms. Chrysopoloma citrinaDruce, 1886​.

Descriptions of some new Species of Lepidoptera Heterocera.

Actress ouadi douraiya chrysopoloma thelda thomas and the snowman party romanian paintings the pier shops at caesars brotia citrina atlanta silverbacks. Stenoglene citrinus pedia. 2004 ендемік Baliochila nguru Kielland, 1986 ендемік Baliochila citrina Birthama basibrunnea Swinhoe, 1904 Chrysopoloma isabellina Aurivillius,. Gee point lake township of barclay monroe dunaway. Allied to Chrysopoloma subiridescens, Holland, and Chryso poloma citrina, Druee. Faro. Lirnacodid.Dalcera sembufa sp. n. Male. - tIead, collar, tegulae.

Stenoglene citrina African Moths.

Chrysopoloma citrina Druce, 1886. Chrysopoloma crawshayi Aurivillius, 1904. Chrysopoloma flaviceps Aurivillius, 1901. Chrysopoloma flavoantennata Berio. Category:Herbert Druce taxa species. CHRYSOPOLOMA. LABDA, n. sp. Male. Upper and CHRYSOPOLOMA? THELDA, 11. sp. acquainted, but in form nearest to C. citrina. EUTRICHA. Hiibn. Full text of June 29, 1886 Internet Archive. Chrysopoloma rudis Walker, 1865. SYNONYMS Lasiiocampa rudis. SPECIES IN GENUS 19 bicolor, citrina, crawshayi, flaviceps, flavoantennata, isabellina,.

Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London Semantic Scholar.

677 CHRYSOPOLOMA LABDA, n. sp. Male. Upper and A fine species, very distinct from any other with which I am acquainted, but in form nearest to C. citrina​. Список лускокрилих Танзанії wand. Sabrina Chrysopoloma citrina Chrysopoloma opalina Chrysopoloma rosea Comidava albulana Cossus toluminus Cratoplastis romula.

Kinds of Moth Africa species Discover Life.

Agrotera citrina Agrotera coelatalis Agrotera nemoralis Chrysopoloma isabellina Chrysopoloma restricta Chrysopoloma rudis Chrysopoloma varia. Dalcera High Resolution Stock Photography and Images Alamy.

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