ⓘ Chrysopoloma bithynia


ⓘ Chrysopoloma bithynia

  • Lepidoptera Family: Eupterotidae Genus: Stenoglene Species: S. hilaris Binomial name Stenoglene hilaris Felder, 1874 Synonyms Chrysopoloma bithynia Druce, 1887

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Stenoglene hilaris Felder, 1874 - Stenoglene bithynia Druce, 1887 Chrysopoloma variegata Hering, 1937 - Chrysopoloma nigromaculata Hering, 1937. Full text of Proceedings of the general meetings for scientific. BITHYNIA, n. sp. Male. Uniform mouse colour, the CHRYSOPOLOMA. LABDA, n. sp. Male. Upper and CHRYSOPOLOMA? THELDA, 11. sp. Primaries. Discover Life mobile. Plate 38 subject: Bunaea pygela Antheraea dolabella Chrysopoloma rosea Limaea pectinata Melanoides swinhoei Bithynia robusta Rumina Subulina.

Stenoglene hilaris pedia.

1884, 400 Biston hirtaria 1881, 822 Bithiasa notigera 1889, 555 Bithynia rubens liasta 1887, 659 sarba 1887, 659 Chrysopoloma bithvuia 1887, 676 citriua. Full text of Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London an. Chrysopoloma bithynia Druce, 1887. Stenoglene hilaris is a moth in the family Eupterotidae. It was described by Felder in 1874. Descriptions of some new Species of Lepidoptera Heterocera. Chrysopoloma flavoantennata Chrysopoloma isabellina Chrysopoloma nigromaculata Hering Chrysopoloma Stenoglene bithynia Stenoglene.

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