ⓘ Chlorophorus massiliensis


ⓘ Chlorophorus massiliensis

  • Chlorophorus sartor is a species of round - necked longhorns of the family Cerambycidae, subfamily Cerambycinae. The genus name Chlorophorus derives from

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Chlorophorus Chevrolat, 1863 Other names: massiliensis Linnaeus rusticus Geoffroy lineola Chlorophorus trifasciatus Fabricius, 1781. The Names of Plants by Marco Acuña issuu. 1803 Subfamilia CHRYSOCHROINAE Chalcophora massiliensis Villers, 1789 Chlorophorus ruficornis Olivier, 1790 Chlorophorus trifasciatus Fabricius,. WeiSbindiger Widderbock – pedia. Astragalus chlorophorus Bunge, Unresolved, L, WCSP in review Astragalus massiliensis var. peduncularis Rouy, Synonym, L, ILDIS Astragalus. LISTADO DE INSECTOS DE SIERRA NEVADA Esta informacion. Chlorophorus ruficornis. Chlorophorus trifasciatus. Cholrophorus figuratus Chalcophora mariana massiliensis. Ptosima flavoguttata. Ptosima.

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Element waiting for Javascript to enable. If this message does not change within the next few seconds, please ensure you have javascript enabled for your. Cerambycidae of Israel Galilee Israel Scribd. Dirina massiliensis, 1. Dirina mexicana, 1. Dirina monothalamia, 1. Dirina paradoxa Chlorophorus diadema, 1. Thyestilla gebleri, 1. Anastrangalia sequensi, 1. Cerambycinae Cerambycidae Catalog. Chalcophora massiliensis Villers, 1789 Species: massiliensis 1817 Chlorophorus figuratus Scopoli, 1763 Chlorophorus sexguttatus Lucas, 1849 ​. Search results The Plant List. Images not available. Map not. Available. Chlorophorus zelus. Images not available. Map not. Available. Clytanthus massiliensis. Images not available. Map not.

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Chlorophorus Chevrolat, 1863 figuratus Scopoli, 1763 herbstii Brahm, 1790 sartor O.F.Muller, 1766 massiliensis Linnaeus, 1767 Anaglyptus Mulsant. Category:Astragalus media Commons. Chlorophenolicus. chlorophilus. chlorophis. chlorophoneus. chlorophorus. chlorophos massiliensis. massisporeus. massiveness. massonianus. massonius. Coleoptera: cerambycA±dae: cerambycA±nae Munis Entomology. Cerambyx sartor O.F. Muller, 1766 Chlorophorus massiliensis Linnaeus Leptura achilleae Brahm, 1790 Leptura massiliensis Linnaeus, 1767 Leptura sartor Muller, Plavilstshikov, 1940. Chlorophorus sartor is a species of round ​necked longhorns of the family Cerambycidae,.

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Specimen. Cleveland Museum of Natural History, OH CMNHENT0134527 Chlorophorus massiliensis France Ile de France. Paris, Ile de France, France. Clytini Cerambycidae Catalog. Chlorophorus Gahan 1906. Caloclytus Gahan 1906 massiliensis Linnaeus 1767. mequignoni Pic 1945. ruficeps massiliensis Pic 1951. pilifer Reitter 1890​. Barcode th.accur. Hainanensis Niisato & Han 2017, China Hainan. Chlorophorus Gahan 1906 massiliensis Linnaeus 1767. mequignoni Pic 1945. ruficeps Pic 1917. rusticus.

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A. magdalenae, A. malacus, A. massiliensis, A. maximowiczii, A. megacarpus, A. melilotoides, A. membranaceus, A. michauxii, A. micranthus,. Banner at master oaqa banner GitHub. Massiliensis of Linnaeus, and plebeius, t$asciatus, and opatus of Fabricius. Clytus true, Xylotrechus, Chlorophorus, and Sphegesthes can be discriminated​. Insects around Romania and not only Chalcophora massiliensis. Clytus corsicus Chevrolat, 1882 Leptura massiliensis Linnaeus, 1767 Chlorophorus massiliensis Linnaeus Leptura rustica Geoffroy in Fourcroy, 1785 nec. Value histogram for n.binomial. Chlorophorus taurusiensis Pic 1903, Echange, 19, n 223: 139. Type locality: M.​Taurus Clytus Clytanthus massiliensis: Sahlberg, 1913: 233. Chlorophorus. Munıs entomology & zoology SILO of research documents.

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