ⓘ Cacelice permolestella


ⓘ Cacelice permolestella

  • Moth Photographers Group at Mississippi State University Description of Cacelice permolestella in Journal of the New York Entomological Society 10: 93

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Gelechia gleditschiaeella Chambers, 1878 Cacelice permolestella Busck, 1902. Theisoa pallidochrella is a moth of the family Gelechiidae. It was described by Vactor Tousey. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Gelechiidae. Permolestella Busck, 1902 Cacelice Stereomita Braun, 1922 andropogonis Braun, 1922. Aristotelia Hubner, Ergatis Heinemann, 1870, preocc. by.

Revised Checklist of Gelechiidae in America north of Mexico.

Theisoa gleditschiaeella Theisoa multifasciella Theisoa pallidochrella. Theisoa permolestella Tosca. Theisoa pallidochrella pedia. Cacelice permolestella Busck 1902 Syn. Tildenia Povolny 1967. Tildenia altisolani Keifer 1937 Gnorimoschema. Tildenia georgei Hodges 1986 Tildenia​. How To Pronounce Cacela Velha: Cacela Velha pronunciation. How To Pronounce Cacela Island How To Pronounce Cacela Velha How To Pronounce Cacelice How To Pronounce Cacelice permolestella. Quantcast. Full text of Bulletin of the British Museum Natural History. 10 93. Type species: Cacelice permolestella Busck, 1902, ibid. 10 93, pi. 12, fig. 2, by original designation and monotypy. Junior subjective synonym of Helice​.

Nomina insecta nearctica acanthopteroctetidae acrolophidae.

Cacelice permolestella, sp. nov. P1. XII, Fig. 2. Helice Jallidochrella WALSINGHAM, Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc. Phil., X, I88, X882. Antennoe dark purplish​ brown,. Species Index j Nearctica. Gleditschiaeella Chambers, 1877 Helice permolestella Busck, 1902 ​Cacelice. Stereomita Braun, 1922 andropogonis Braun, 1922. Lepidoptera in America North of Mexico Studylib. Gleditschiceella Chambers Cacelice permolestella Busck. Larva probably on Gleditschia. Moth in May and late summer. Kentucky Maryland southern Ohio. II.

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