ⓘ Chrysopora versicolorella


ⓘ Chrysopora versicolorella

  • Chrysoesthia versicolorella is a moth of the family Gelechiidae. It was described by William D. Kearfott in 1908. It is found in North America, where it
  • stipelloides Janse, 1950 Chrysoesthia verrucosa Tokar, 1999 Chrysoesthia versicolorella Kearfott, 1908 Fauna Europaea Kuroko, H., 1961: Descriptions of Microsetia

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A List of the Lepidoptera of Maine - Part 2: The Microlepidoptera.

C. stipelloides – C. stipivicinella – C. versicolorella – C. zinckenella subjective synonym Chrysia Bruand, 1850 Chrysopora Clemens,. Zootaxa, Checklist of Gelechiidae Lepidoptera in Magnolia press. Chrysoesthia stipella Chrysoesthia stipelloides Chrysoesthia stipivicinella Chrysoesthia verrucosa Chrysoesthia versicolorella Chrysoesthia zinckenella. Ecdysis Portal Taxonomy Display: Gelechiidae. Chrysopora versicolorella Kearfott, 1908. Chrysoesthia versicolorella is a moth of the family Gelechiidae. It was described by William D. Taxon:Chrysoesthia Virtual Laboratory Fandom. G. versicolorella Chambers. CHRYSOPORA Clemens Aristotelia, in part Nannodia Heinemann Nomia Clemens, not Latreille Very close to Aristotelia.

Chrysoesthia species.

Naeviferella Duponchel, Lita versicolorella Kearfott, 1908 Chrysopora​. USA CA. Enchrysa Zeller, 1873 dissectella Zeller, 1873. Proceedings of the United States National Museum. Genus CHRYSOPORA Clemens 1860. 54 lingulacella Clemens 56 versicolorella Kearfott Bar Harbor, 17 August. 1. Genus ENCHRYSA.

Chrysoesthia versicolorella pedia.

Junior subjective synonym of Chrysopora Clemens, 1860 Rebel, 1901, in Staudinger & Rebel, Cat. Type species: Tocmia versicolorella Walker, 1864, ibid. Species Index r Nearctica. Chrysopora linyulacdln Clemens, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Chrysopora IbiguulareUa Chambers, Bull. Gelechia versicolorella Riley, Smiths List Lep. Bor. Am. Lepidoptera in America North of Mexico Studylib. Versicolorella Kearfott, 1908 Chrysopora Enchrysa Zeller, 1873 dissectella Zeller, 1873 youngella Kearfott, 1905 Aristotelia Theisoa Chambers, 1874. Full text of The Lepidopteras of New York and neighboring states. Chrysoesthia versicolorella Kearfott 1908 Chrysopora. Coleotechnites Chambers 1880. Evagora Clemens 1860 Homo. Eidothea Chambers 1873 Homo.

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