ⓘ Matte


ⓘ Matte

  • Matte filmmaking, filmmaking and video production technology
  • Matte painting, a process of creating sets used in film and video
  • Open matte, a filming technique that involves matting out the top and bottom of the film frame in the movie projector
  • Matte box, a camera accessory for controlling lens glare

1. People

  • Matte family, a powerful Chilean family
  • Tom Matte born 1939, American football player, quarterback in college and mostly running back in the NFL 1960s-1970s

2. Places

  • Riviere à Matte English: Mattes River, a tributary of the northwest shore of the St. Lawrence River, in Neuville, Quebec, Canada
  • A neighborhood in Bern, Switzerland

3. Other uses

  • In American English, of a surface: having a non-glossy finish. See Gloss optics.
  • Matte display, an electronic display with a matte surface
  • Matte metallurgy, a term for the liquid generated by smelting non-ferrous metals, such as copper
  • "Matte Kudasai",a 1981 single by the band King Crimson
  • MATTE, Major Accident to the Environment, term used in EU legislation

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